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Weiherer Radler Hell

2,00 (€4,00 per l) + 0,08€ Bottle deposit
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Contents: 0,5l
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Herkunft Bavaria, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 2.4% vol.

More information about Weiherer Radler Hell

Although we know that it will eventually come to an end, every year at some point in January or February we reach the point where we simply no longer feel like the cold, wet, wind and weather We are fed up with the constant rain and the gray cloud cover, no longer want to wrap ourselves in 100 layers, long for light and can hardly wait for the changeover to summer time Despair spreads and only lifts again when spring suddenly arrives With the first warm rays of sunshine, our mood turns 180 degrees and we feel the lightness of life again

The team at the Kundmüller brewery in Weiher also knows this feeling only too well and came up with a pale shandy this winter in anticipation of summer Now it's ready and provides us with a tangy refreshment just in time for the start of the happy half of the year The mixed drink combines the strong tartness of Weiherer Landbier pale ale with the fruity sweetness of their homemade lemonade The brew is light on its feet, wonderfully tangy, tart and delicately spicy - perfect for quenching your thirst!

The pale shandy is the perfect addition to the Kundmüller brewery's wide range and your fresh kick for the coming summer!

Location: Viereth-Trunstadt
Country: Germany
Contents: 0,5 Liter
Manufacturer: Kundmüller Brewery
Grain and malt varieties: Barley
Gravity: 5°P
Drink type: Beer

Kundmüller Brewery

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