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12x Pure Black Ethiopia Organic - Cold Brew Coffee


In a handy 200ml glass bottle to take away

39,00 (€16,25 per l) + 3,00€ Bottle deposit
Including tax
Für eine Tasse 200ml brauchst du etwa 12g Kaffee. Wir gehen von einer schönen Tassengröße von 125ml aus. Also rechnen wir mit 7,5g Kaffee für deine Tasse Kaffee.:
Contents: 2,4l
In stock
Good Spirits

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Delivery to Germany: 6,65
Shipping time: 1-2 working days (usually sent within 19 h.)
Good Spirits
fruity, floral, complex
Kaffee Anbauland Ethiopia
Herkunft des Kaffees Guji, Ethiopia
Geröstet in Berlin
Kaffeesorte Arabica

More information about 12x Pure Black Ethiopia Organic

GOOD SPIRITS COLD BREW - 12x 200ml in convenient glass bottles. For at home or to put in your pocket for on the go.

In our coffee brewery in Marienpark Berlin, we produce this delicious cold brew from filtered water in spring water quality and organic coffee beans.

Single origin Arabica coffee, sustainably grown in the rainforests of Ethiopia. Ripe red coffee fruits, carefully hand-picked and dried in the shade to save water. Gentle long-term roasting ensures the wonderful aroma of our coffee: fruity, floral, complex.

Coffee details:

Single Origin Arabica

Region: Shakiso, East Guji, Guji

Farm: Kayon Mountain Farm

Natural Process

Recipe idea: Cold brew tonic

Glass with or without ice cubes
2/3 tonic water
1/3 cold brew
Grapefruit slice


Leogant-vitalized, spring water quality

Non-EU agriculture

Country: Germany
Caffeine content: 88mg/100ml
Content per individual product: 200ml
Contents: 2,4 Liter
Manufacturer: Good Spirits
Variety: Varietät: Heirloom
Cultivation height coffee: Pure highland coffee (1,500 - 2,000 m)m
Coffee growing height: 1950 m
Preparation: Aufbereitung: Natural
Ingredients: 100% cold-extracted coffee* (filtered water, roasted coffee beans*) *from controlled organic cultivation
Drink type: Cold Extracted Specialty Coffee
Food companies: Good Spirits Beverages GmbH, Im Marienpark 22, 12107 Berlin
Organic (according to EC Organic Regulation): YES
Sugar free: YES

Good Spirits

GOOD SPIRITS was founded in 2014 by siblings Florian and Mascha Häupl and Simone König in Berlin with the aim of establishing Cold Brew Coffee as a product category in the German market: Ready-to-drink coffee of the highest quality, pure unadulterated pleasure. Our mission: We want to bring the pleasure-focused "Third Wave Coffee" movement to the center of society. Our biggest concern is to positively influence people's mentality towards coffee consumption, to create awareness for the incredible variety of flavors and thus bring about a new appreciation for a seemingly everyday luxury food like coffee. And all of this with a lot of fun and without a raised forefinger! In our coffee brewery in Marienpark Berlin, we make coffee fit for the 21st century. With innovative brewing methods, we elicit an undreamt-of variety of aromas from the coffee bean: pure, unadulterated enjoyment,...

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