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6x Fira Soda


Verbena tea, elderberry and lemon meet deliciously healthy turmeric and CBD

29,42 (€14,86 per l) + 0,48€ Bottle deposit
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Contents: 1,98l
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fruity, refreshing
Herkunft Berlin, Germany

More information about 6x Fira Soda

We are not only "well dressed", but also quite often stressed. This is due to our lifestyle and our constant presence, both online and offline.
Let's be honest - that's not going to change any time soon. But we can take some of the pressure out of our fast-paced lives and be lighter. Through mindfulness, closeness to people who are good for us, sport and - good nutrition!

Fira Soda is a new wellness drink from Berlin that does us good and brings us down. The ingredients - from verbena tea to turmeric and CBD - bring calm to the end of the day. Without alcohol, without caffeine.

The facts about Feierabend in a bottle:

Only 4.1 g sugar/100 ml
(As a guide: spritzers have approx. 7 g/100 ml)
(Almost) all ingredients are organic (except the curcumin)
No chemical additives
In the Merhweg deposit bottle (we don't want to stress our beautiful planet any more)

Location: Berlin
Country: Germany
Content per individual product: 330ml
Contents: 1,98 Liter
Manufacturer: Fira soda
Ingredients: Water, lemon juice (4.6%) from concentrate *, sugar *, carbon dioxide, natural flavors, caramel *, lemon verbena extract *, hemp seed extract *, turmeric extract (* organic).
Drink type: Soft drink
Food companies: Fira Soda GmbH, Große Hamburger Str. 32, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Fira soda

We live a fast-paced, exciting life - lots of travel, long days and always being available are part of it. Unfortunately, the rest phases sometimes fall by the wayside. For several years now, I have been taking CBD drops to calm down and relax. Since I wanted to know what lies behind this exciting active ingredient, I also developed an interest in the mother plant, hemp or cannabis, and learned a lot about it. People have been making products from hemp since around 3000 BC. Because of its effect, the hemp plant was and is used for medicinal purposes in an equally long tradition. The first attempt: in the kitchen. However, in order to bring CBD, or cannabidiol, out of the shelf at the health food store as a novel ingredient and make it even more "socially acceptable," I was missing a great-tasting, healthy drink that I could integrate into my daily routine - and my after-work routine....

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