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Brauhaus Faust emigrant beer 1849 - IPA

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tropical fruit, light sweetness, complex hop bitterness, note of juniper
Bitterwert (IBU) 72
Herkunft Bavaria, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 7% vol.

More information about Brauhaus Faust emigrant beer 1849

The emigrant beer flows into the glass in a deep brown mahogany tone and charms with ruby-red light reflections when the sun hits the beer. Long-lasting, fine foam crowns the beer and exudes seductive scents of tropical fruits and tart floral hops. Citrus, mango, papaya and raisins tickle the nose, joined by a nice fresh breeze of green hops. On the tongue, fruity notes of mango, grapefruit, passion fruit, lychee, elderflower and juniper combine with a complex hop bitterness to create a special kind of taste experience.

Thanks to its intense layers of flavor and abundance of hops, Auswandererbier 1849 is not a straightforward after-work beer for casual beer drinkers, but rather a sophisticated treat for special moments.

The name refers to a historical event: In the 19th century, countless Germans followed the American Dream and took on the arduous journey to the land of unlimited opportunity. Among them was August Krug, the son of the former owner of the Faust brewery. To make the long crossing a little more pleasant for him, August's father, Georg Anton Krug, brewed him a beer that would last a long time due to its extra-high alcohol content and the extra portion of hops.

As a tribute to the adventurer and his loyal father, Brauhaus Faust created the Emigrant Beer 1849. To brew the beer as authentically as possible, the brewers took Georg's notes for their recipe. According to the old recipe and with German and American hops, this beer is brewed today in Miltenberg.

We raise our glass to the two founding fathers of this delicious beer - cheers to August and Georg Anton Krug!

Location: Miltenberg
Country: Germany
Fits: chili dishes, game or pepper steaks, dark chocolate
Content: 0,33 Liter
Smell: tropical fruit, tart floral hops
Manufacturer: Faust brewery
Grain and malt varieties: Barley
Gravity: 18.5°P
Hops: Cascade, Chinook, Citra, Columbus, Hercules, Pearl, Tettnang
Color: deep brown
Optimal drinking temperature: 8-10 °C
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, yeast
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: Brauhaus Faust KG, Hauptstraße 219, 63897 Miltenberg, Germany

Faust brewery

Fortunately, the Faust family does not take its motto "Faust. That stays between us" is not taken quite so seriously. Otherwise, only the people of Miltenberg could benefit from the fine beer from the Faust brewery. Close to home The region is close to the Faust family's heart. This is reflected not only in their great commitment to local associations, Franconian culture and social institutions in the region. The ingredients for the first-class beer also come from Franconian farmers and suppliers. The traditional brewery in Miltenberg has now existed for more than 360 years, more than 100 of which were owned by the Faust family. With great love for its homeland, Brauhaus Faust is dedicated to protecting the environment; as recently as 2014, the family received the climate protection award from the Bund Naturschutz (Nature Conservation Union) for its important work. Not the first...

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