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Gin "Yirgacheffe" - Gin with pepper & coffee beans


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Geschmack mild, very complex, sweet-floral; finish spicy, sweet, peppery, roasted coffee.
Herkunft Saxony, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 44% vol.

More information about Gin "Yirgacheffe"

An unusual gin needs an unusual name. As Frahling lovers can guess, the floral dry gin is characterized by the rare combination of coffee, pepper and the flavors from 20 botanicals. Its distinctiveness is accentuated by the fact that only about 1,500 kilos of Voatsiperifery virgin pepper are hand-picked each year in Madagascar at a height of 15 meters. Thanks to the special aroma of the BIO coffee from Ethiopia, a mild dry gin with an extremely complex flavor profile is created during the gentle distillation process.

Mild alcohol, very complex with pepper, coffee and sweet floral aromas.

20 botanicals, floral botanicals, fine spices, coffee from Ethiopia, pepper from Cambodia and Voatsiperifery jungle pepper from Madagascar. Only about 1.5 tons of the jungle pepper are harvested annually worldwide, hand-picked at a height of 15 meters.

Botanicals are macerated in a gentle cold extract, with previously carefully finely distilled neutral alcohol. The macerate is given a lot of time. The solid components are then separated from the liquid ones. The macerate then goes into the still, and fresh botanicals are additionally added to the aroma basket during distillation.

Gentle distillation, with additional botanicals during distillation in the aroma basket.

As an aperitif, pure to enjoy, with classic dry tonics.

Alcohol content:
44 % vol.

Location: Striegistal
Botanicals: Floral botanicals, fine spices, coffee from Ethiopia, pepper from Cambodia and Voatsiperifery virgin pepper from Madagascar.
Country: Germany
Content: 0,5 Liter
Manufacturer: Rose Valley
Filling quantity: yearly about 200 bottles
Number of botanicals: 20
Drink type: Gin
Food companies: Feinbrand Manufacture Eric Brabant, Rosentalstr. 17, 09661 Striegistal OT Marbach

Rose Valley

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