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Happiness Package Of Joy - 12x Craft Beer (4x Amber Ale + 4x Just Pils + 4x The IPA)


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Contents: 3,96l
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Wahnsinn GmbH

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Von Freude Bier
Herkunft Hamburg, Germany

More information about Happiness Package Of Joy

You want to try different beers? Or are you looking for the perfect gift? For dad, grandpa, girlfriend, husband, uncle, brother, aunt, buddy, best man, groom or just for yourself? Then order the mixed Craft Beer tasting package.

In addition to our regular varieties such as Just Pils, Das IPA and Amber Ale, the Craft Beer Tasting Pack also hides special things that we only brew in limited quantities, depending on availability. Let yourself be surprised by delicious beer!

Would you rather order the Von Freude beers individually? Then follow this link.

Pale Ale. Our first beer.

Amber, full-bodied, strong. Our Amber Ale is the beer for those who love a beer with a full malty body. It smells of herbs and a bit of tropical fruit. That's what our mega hop varieties Amarillo and Spalter Select do. The balance of these flavors is excellently accompanied by a well-integrated and mild bitterness.

The Amber Ale was created as the first craft beer from the VON FREUDE brewery. From initial experiments in the large 20L boiling pot on the stove at home, this recipe was born. We experimented with different yeasts (in this case it's a Belgian one), and wanted to emphasize the aromatics of our creations by using new hop varieties. The fruitiness of this recipe with Amarillo convinced all our friends so much that we rented a brewery for the first big brew. This original recipe continues to inspire, and is now complemented by new creations.

Taste: full-bodied, cold-hopped*, notes of tropical fruit and fresh hops.
Original gravity: 14°P
Alcohol content: 5.8% vol.
Bitterness units: 35 IBU
Color: amber, amber ale.
Malts: Pale Pilsener malt, Vienna malt and Munich malt.
Optimal drinking temperature: 8°C / 47°F


There's a reason why Pilsner is by far the most popular beer in Germany. Not for nothing, because Pils drinks well with almost any occasion.

Our von Freude JUST PILS is not filtered. Thus, the fine typical note of bottom-fermented yeast is wonderfully preserved in this lager. The aroma of the beer is dominated by red berries, some citrus and passion fruit. The light cold hopping* creates a dynamic that brings minerality and freshness to the beer.

JUST PILS always cuts a fine figure - from the glass as well as from the bottle. For barbecues, as an urban club beer, as a cool beach companion.
Cold-hopped lager.

Taste: refreshing, cold-hopped, notes of berry and passion fruit.
Original wort: 12°P
Alcohol content: 5,1% vol.
Bitterness units: 25 IBU
Color: sunny yellow
Malt: pale pilsener malt
Optimal drinking temperature: 8°C / 47°F

Legendary: The IPA.

Fresh. Hoppy. Delicious. It was 2016 when we started thinking about what the perfect India Pale Ale should be. A beer you'd ditch any six-pack of TV beer at the supermarket for. A beer for your date. A beer for a barbecue on the Alster.

What does the perfect everyday IPA have to be like? A beer you like to drink every day? A beer you need a whole six-pack of?
The answer: hoppy, fruity, fresh, and mega-tasty-sippable.

We set to work, developing the recipe step by step: Fruity, and subtle. Tart, and pleasant. Pale, and straw yellow. With 4.8% alcohol.

Our IPA is the easy beer for every day. For your date. Your after-work beer. After-sex beer. After-garden-beer. Of course also in a sixpack :-)

Taste: fresh, fruity, tart and cold-hopped*.
Original wort: 12°P
Alcohol content: 4,8% Vol.
Bitterness units: 32 IBU
Color: light blond
Malt: light malt
Optimal drinking temperature: 8°C / 47°F

* Cold hopping is also called hop plugging. What is meant is that hops are added not only during the brewing process for bitterness, but also later in cold storage.

Location: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Contents: 3,96 Liter
Manufacturer: From joy
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: Wahnsinn GmbH, Colonnaden 72, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

From joy

Since 2013 we have been making exciting new beers, not a show. We brew our beers for all connoisseurs, not just for the male craft beer scene. We use the best ingredients, state-of-the-art brewing technology, ancient craftsmanship and a lot of creativity. Our beers are naturally unfiltered, unpasteurized and brewed according to the German Purity Law. The best example of our innovative approach is "Das IPA" a top-fermented beer with fruity hop notes as befits an IPA, but not too extreme in taste and alcohol content. An IPA suitable for everyday use, which inspires not only the die-hard craft beer fans, but also convinces pilgrim drinkers. From joy should be fun, you and your guests.

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