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Beauty contest 2023 - the winners

by Anastasia Hartleib
Schönheitswahl 2023 - die Gewinner

Together with you, we looked for the most beautiful bottle in Germany in 2023. We didn't care about objective criteria - all that mattered to us was your taste. The race was heated, but in the end there was a clear winner. And that winner is: Luneoir Blanco!

Luneoir Blanco - the most beautiful bottle in Germany 2023

Luneoir Blanco ist die schönste Flasche Deutschlands 2023
Luneoir Blanco is the most beautiful bottle in Germany 2023

What an eye-catcher! The agave spirit in tequila style impresses with its minimalist label, but above all with its shimmering bluish glass bottle, whose surface is reminiscent of gently lapping waves. Incidentally, Luneoir Blanco is produced in Heidelberg.

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2nd & 3rd place also come from Germany

The other rankings are also impressive. In 2nd place is the Mesano Dry Gin from Stuttgart in the Navy Strength version. The label impresses with a Moorish tile look in rich blue - and elegant golden accents. The contents are not bad either.

Platz 2 und 3 belegen der Mesano Dry Gin Navy Strength und der Hafencity Mirativo Aperitif
The Mesano Dry Gin Navy Strength and the Hafencity Mirativo aperitif take 2nd and 3rd place respectively

Hafencity Mirativo from Hamburg takes third place. The aperitif not only shines with the highest quality ingredients, but also with its minimalist yet expressive design.

Here you can see the top 10 rankings - in ascending order

Beauty contest 2023 - the top 10

We have raffled off one of the three winning bottles among all participants. The winners have already been notified by email. Thank you to all participants!

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Anastasia Hartleib

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