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The 10 best gins for summer 2023

by Yascha Roshani
Die besten Gins für den Sommer

As a gin fan, you are always on the lookout for the best gins. Gin and tonic doesn't just work in summer, but a little bit better as soon as the garden/balcony/patio/park/lake/beach season arrives. With sunshine, warm summer evenings and day drinking, there is hardly anything better than refreshing and fruity drinks, cocktails and long drinks. And who isn't still in gin fever? Here you will find the best and fruitiest gins for the summer.

315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin - the gin with fruity blueberries

315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin If someone asks for a fruity gin, then there is no way around 315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin. Full fruit power is of course what we want in summer. The wonderful fruity note comes from blueberries from the Black Forest and sun-ripened bergamots. The juniper is very pleasant and discreet in the background. Best served in a gin and tonic with blueberries, lemongrass and/or fresh lime zest. Goes down like oil. No humbug, it really is.

Taste: pleasantly subtle juniper note, fruity blueberry and bergamot aromas

Price: €28.90 for 0.5 liters

Order 315 Upstairs Heidelberg Dry Gin free of shipping costs

Black Whale Gin - the best gin for longing for the sea

Schwarzer Walfisch Gin The sea and summer belong together. Not only is the bottle of Black Whale Gin an eye-catcher, but the scent of citrus, sea scent, fine juniper and rosemary is also seductive. Black Whale Gin is inspired by the endless expanse of the sea, the sea breeze and the sound of the sea. Hand-picked sugar kelp from the North Sea off Sylt and the Bay of Kiel is actually used here. Berries, flowers, oranges and lemons are also used to give the sea gin a lovely freshness, which is perfect for our summer.

Taste: fresh, fruity, citrus, slightly herbal, floral and slightly salty

Price: 39,99€ for 0,5 liter | 14,90€ for 0,1 liter

OrderBlack Whale Gin here

20457 Hafencity Gin - the gin with kaffir lime leaves and oranges

20457 Hafencity Gin When it comes to fruity, fresh gins, Hafencity Gin is always in the mix. You can hardly get enough of this balanced, mild masterpiece of a gin. Kaffir lime leaves and oranges provide the freshness. However, the interplay of aromas also has mildly spicy notes of nutmeg, cubeb pepper and 8 other botanicals that make Hafencity Gin so exciting. Of course, it goes perfectly as a gin and tonic with a slice of orange and a kaffir lime leaf. But definitely also enjoy it on its own!

Taste: very fresh, fruity and mildly spicy

Price: €35.00 for 0.5 liters

Order 20457 Hafencity Gin here

Hop Gin - the gin for hop fans

Der Hopfen Gin One of our most popular gins is the flowery, fruity Hop Gin. The Hallertau Mandarina is used as the hop variety and ensures an unforgettable gin and tonic experience that not only impresses with its bottle design, but also with its delicious taste. In addition to the slightly tart notes, the floral and fruity flavors are very distinct. You have to try it.

Taste: floral, tart, fruity, tangerine

Price: 29,90€ for 0,5 liter free shipping

Order Hop Gin here

Konsum Premium Gin Forest Berries - the mild one with a fruity forest berry mix

Konsum Premium Gin Waldbeeren Why just one berry when you can have raspberries AND blackberries? This fruity gin is wonderfully mild and delicate on the palate. The whole thing is underlined by the light citrus note and an herbal mix of thyme, lavender, rosemary, sandalwood and black pepper. Konsum Premium Gin Waldbeeren is still distilled in a historic copper still. And distilled 3 times! A quality gin for the perfect summer drink.

Taste: berry, citrus, mild, herbal

Price: €29.90 for 0.5 liters

OrderKonsum Premium Gin Wild Berries here

Raspberry Premium Dry Gin - the most raspberry of all raspberry gins

Himbeere Premium Dry Gin Fancy a summer drink with raspberries? Then there's no better choice than the Raspberry Premium Dry Gin from Ginsanity. The fruity-fresh aroma of delicious raspberries is inspired by light nuances of ginger and pepper (which really balances out the gin). With only 6 botanicals, this raspberry gin is an absolute minimalist.

Taste: fresh raspberry, nice nuances of ginger & pepper

Price: 38,00€ for 0,5 liter

Order Raspberry Premium Dry Gin here

Momotaro Gin Kizaru - the best gin for Japan fans

Momotaro Gin Kizaru - Japan Styled New Western Not only the bottle is a real feast for the eyes. The summery lead botanicals of Momotaro Gin also make your mouth water: Mandarin, nashi pear and yuzu lemon. As a true New Western gin, the juniper is in the background and the fruity, fresh, pear and mandarin aromas dominate. The handmade gin is perfectly rounded off with jasmine tea. A gin from Rhineland-Palatinate, inspired by the Japanese world of flavors. Here's to friendship!

Taste: fruity, fresh, with nashi pear, yuzu lemon & tangerine

Price: 32,90€ for 0,5 liter

OrderMomotaro Gin Kizaru Japan Styled New Western here

neeka CLASSIC Mandarin Dry Gin - the full mandarin power

neeka CLASSIC Mandarinen Dry Gin Of course, a mandarin gin should not be missing from our top 10 list of the best and fruitiest gins of the year. neeka CLASSIC does exactly what it promises: sun-ripened mandarins give it fruity freshness and a delicate sweetness. Such a delicious tangerine kick doesn't really need many other botanicals. Only lemongrass, cardamom and camomile are used to balance the aroma.

Taste: fruity, fresh, intense

Price: €38.00 for 0.5 liters

Order neeka CLASSIC Mandarin Dry Gin here

Hendriks Gingrapedings - the gin liqueur for grapefruit lovers

Hendriks Gingrapedings - Ginlikör mit Grapefruit und pinkem Pfeffer Oh, the world of gin is immeasurable. It starts with the name, continues with the alcohol content and ends with the ingredients - if at all. Hendriks Gingrapedings is a different kind of fruity gin - a sweet and sour gin-based liqueur with just 20% alcohol by volume. alcohol. The advantage: it can be drunk neat or infused with tonic water. Sparkling, refreshing and certainly a cool surprise at the next toast with friends and family!

Taste: fruity, sweet and sour, refreshing

Price: €24.95 for 0.5 liters

OrderHendriks Gingrapedings - gin liqueur with grapefruit & pink pepper here

SHADOWS Gin iced London Dry Gin - the gin with a freshness kick

SHADOWS Gin iced London Dry Gin Our laws of nature do not allow for much more refreshment and zestiness. SHADOWS Gin iced has a focus on lemongrass and mint. So you can only imagine how exotic and refreshing it tastes until you have it in your glass. Incidentally, the glass contains 43% vol. Alcohol, which is excellent for your gin and tonic mix. As a London Dry Gin, it meets the highest quality standards and is produced and marketed jointly by father and son.

Taste: refreshing, exotic, slightly floral

Price: €35.00 for 0.5 liters

Order SHADOWS Gin iced London Dry Gin here

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You want to buy a gin, but our best fruity gins for the summer haven't convinced you yet? Then take a look at our entire selection, where you'll find dry gin, New Western dry gin, sloe gin, non-alcoholic gin and even a selection of aged gin.

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