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The new kind of New Western - Consumption Premium Gin

by Anastasia Hartleib
Die neue Art des New Westerns - Konsum Premium Gin

So much more than Ostalgie - Konsum Premium Gin combines historically grown structures with first-class taste and creative drive. The result is intense New Western gins that pack a punch.

We actually have the coronavirus pandemic to thank for Konsum Premium Gin. During the lockdown, the doors of the Berghotel Oberhof in the Thuringian Forest, like so many other hotels and restaurants, remained closed. There they stood, the managers of the Berghotel, in their more than well-equipped hotel bar, completely without guests and realized: "We don't actually have any gin on the shelf that really convinces us.

They were longing for a really fruity gin with an intense berry aroma. And what do creative minds do when they are not satisfied with the status quo? That's right: they get to work themselves.

Teamwork makes the dream work

However, because Sebastian Löser and his team know that you don't always have to reinvent the wheel to create something new, they looked for partners who understand the craft of distilling. "During the intensive search for a suitable partner, the guys from Gear Gin were able to completely convince us with their quick and uncomplicated cooperation," says the Managing Director of the wholly owned subsidiary of Zentralkonsum eG. The spirits factory from the Odenwald immediately understood what the Thuringians were looking for and excelled with creativity, comprehensive advice - and nimble fingers. "It took less than two months from the idea to the first bottling."

Im Konsum Gin landen vor allem Beeren, Zitrusfrüchte und mediterrane Kräuter. Und jede Menge Wacholder aus Kroatien
Berries, citrus fruits and Mediterranean herbs are the main ingredients in Konsum Gin. And lots of juniper from Croatia

It was clear that a dry gin or even London Dry Gin was out of the question when looking for a fruit bomb. It had to be a New Western. Raspberries and blackberries end up in the kettle for the berry explosion, while citrus peel, Mediterranean herbs such as lavender, thyme, rosemary and sandalwood are added for the aromatic base. A little pepper rounds off the taste. And to ensure that the delicious mixture actually becomes a gin, a good portion of Croatian juniper is added. The gin is macerated in multi-filtered wheat distillate to ensure that no foreign aromas end up in the gin.

This is how Konsum Premium Gin Waldbeere was created and combines the best of two low mountain ranges: handcrafted processing, high-quality ingredients, outstanding aromas - and the idea of giving back.

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Konsum - a name with a long tradition

The name Konsum is still a well-known brand name, especially in the new federal states. "Our history goes back to 1894," says Sebastian Löser. That was when the world's first cooperative was founded - and laid the foundation for today's Zentralkonsum eG. This is an amalgamation of the smaller, regional cooperatives in East Germany as well as various production and service companies. In the GDR, "Konsum" was the equivalent of today's supermarket and the consumer cooperatives were responsible for local supply, especially in rural areas. Even today, there are still Konsum establishments in a few regions that belong to the association.

However, it is not only the values of community cohesion and solidarity that have remained from this period, but also the distinctive logo: a factory chimney and a sickle, which together form the curved K of Konsum.

A gin rarely comes alone

Konsum Gin follows this tradition and continues to promote the well-being of the cooperative's members - both in terms of brand image and enjoyment. The Konsum Premium Gin Waldbeere impresses with its pure and clean aroma structure, which places berries and juniper in the foreground. And now the Waldbeere gin is no longer alone.

Hier werden die Konsum Gins gebrannt
"This is where consumer gins are distilled

"After the consistently outstanding reactions of our guests and customers to the Waldbeere Gin, we wanted to develop a very fresh and fruity gin for summer refreshment, especially for the warm months from spring to fall," says Löser. So they got together again with their partners at Gear Gin and created the Konsum Summer Gin, whose aromatic focus is on blood orange. "The Konsum Summer Gin Blood Orange has a very fresh citrus aroma with juicy blood orange. The light note of various herbs in combination with juniper and citrus fruits makes Konsum Summer Gin a summery refreshment," says the boss himself.

In the mood for summer? Order the Konsum Summer Gin Blood Orange now!

The citrus-heavy summer gin is by no means the end of the story. The tinkerers are currently working on an autumnal composition: "We're still trying out a few things at the moment. Plum or damson will probably play the leading role in the third variety of our Konsum Gin."

Enjoyment recommendations for the Konsum gins

Konsum Premium Gin Wild Berry:

For those who like it sweet and fruity, the Waldbeere gin is best combined with 1724 Tonic Water - or Fever Tree Indian Tonic. Garnished with blackberries or raspberries and a grapefruit wedge, you will ideally support the aroma.

For the more tart among you, Sebastian Löser recommends Fever Tree Naturally Light or Goldberg Bone Dry Tonic Water. Simply leave the berries aside for garnish.

Diese Tonic Water passen am besten zu den Konsum Gins
These tonic waters go best with the Konsum gins

Konsum Summer Gin Blood Orange:

The 1724 tonic water or the Mediterranean version from Fever Tree are also recommended for the summery blood orange gin. The best garnish is a slice of blood orange - but a regular orange will do if necessary.

You can find more tonic waters here: Buy tonic water

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