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With our founding story as a guest on the podcast Frei von der Leber

by Yascha Roshani
Interview mit dem Podcast Frei von der Leber

The podcast Frei von der Leber invited us to talk about our founding story and our goals with Honest & Rare. Talking about drinks with other drinks fans - who doesn't enjoy that?

As a guest, I talked a little about my career and, above all, how the idea for our online marketplace came about. The conversation was accompanied by sake, gin and tonic, rum, coffee and beer. Especially when you have drinks enthusiasts over, you naturally want to serve them up properly and offer only the best.

So - if you want to hear more about us, drinks (surprise!) and how the idea of an online marketplace for small producers came about, then tune in:

Listen to the episodeon Spotify

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About the autor:

Yascha Roshani

Yascha Roshani

Mitgründer von Honest & Rare

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Mich begeistern Getränke aller Art. Ob Bier, Gin, Weinbrand, Cold Brew Kaffee oder Limo. Vor allem liebe ich die Kultur, regionalen Bezüge und Herstellung von Getränken. Selbst braue ich ab und an Bier, setze Liköre an und röste Kaffee in der Pfanne.