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Interview with Hero Wines: Christian Herzog turns gins into superheroes

by Yascha Roshani
Handgeschnittene Botanicals für den Hero Gin

Superheroes from Marvel, DC and Alan Moore are an eternal classic and are still as relevant and popular today as ever. Christian Herzog picks up on the hero theme and combines it with another classic yet extremely topical trend: gin. Read the interview to find out how this came about and whether Hero Gin and Ginera will get support from other superheroes to save the thirsty gin drinkers of this world.

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Even before Hero Gin, you founded Hero Wines. So you started with wine and then launched a gin on the market. Why did you do that?

Originally, the idea was to combine wines with the superhero theme. I had an agency draw a vine superhero especially for this purpose. This then adorned our first type of wine. I was working on the Hero Gin at almost the same time. This was finished shortly after the wine. As the demand for the Hero Gin presentation was very high, I concentrated on it and have since created four different types of gin.

What is special about the gins?

All our gins are lovingly handcrafted at home on my parents' vineyard. In addition to my parents' winery, we also have our own distillery. We only use high-quality botanicals. If available, even from our own garden. For example, we peel the lemons and oranges by hand before each batch. Every step of the process, from bottling to labeling and mantling, takes place at our winery.

Da fließt er, der Hero Gin.
That's where it flows, the Hero Gin.

So one thing that definitely sets you apart is that you have your own distillery. That is certainly an added value. Do your customers also appreciate that? Do they talk about it or are they not interested at all?

Having our own distillery naturally laid the foundations for our gin. My father's many years of experience with marc, herbs, fruit brandies and liqueurs also helped a lot. Many customers are particularly interested in the production process and all the procedures that need to be followed during production.

When we spoke for the first time and you told me that your gins always come with the superhero cape, I personally thought that was really great. Does that go down well with your customers?

The cape in particular is of course an eye-catcher and was a selling point for some just because of that. The bottles also stand out on the shelf compared to the normal bottles, which are just labeled.

Do you have the capes specially made?

Yes, all capes are handmade by a neighboring seamstress.

In addition to Hero and Heroine, you also have a barrel-aged dry gin based on Hero Gin. Will Ginera soon be available as a barrel-aged version or will there be completely new superheroes?

If everything works out, there will be a new Hero by Christmas. But I don't want to reveal any more about that yet. A barrel-aged version of our Ginera is not currently planned. The demand for barrel-aged is there, but barrel-aged versions still appeal to a special group of connoisseurs.

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Yascha Roshani

Yascha Roshani

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