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Louie Louie in an interview: The wine from the swing-top bottle

by Yascha Roshani

You don't see wine from swing-top bottles every day. And you also don't often see a bottle design with a corkscrew as a stinky finger. However, Alex and Svenja don't just focus on the practical and visual aspect of their wine, but above all on a round and balanced taste. Find out exactly what a cuvée is, which grape varieties are in Louie Louie and what is planned next in the interview with Alex.

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You have just launched Louie Louie. The first thing that catches the eye is, of course, the bottle and the print. Is that your approach to differentiating yourselves from others in the wine market?

In general, it's important to us to be different and stand out. With Louie Louie, it's important to us to build a brand, which no one has really been able to do yet. In addition to the visual aspect, we find the swing-top bottle totally practical and sensible for wine.

Is there already any well-known wine in swing-top bottles?

Not really. So far, there are only a few bottlers in Germany who fill wine in swing-top bottles. That was one of the biggest challenges when we launched Louie Louie.

It does indeed make sense. After all, wine is often resealed. Was that the main argument or do you mainly want to appeal to the young target group, who see Louie Louie as hip and different?

It should generally be a combination of everything. From an oenological point of view, swing tops are more airtight than cork and screw tops and therefore ensure no loss of flavor during storage. But in general, we also find the bottle "sexy".

Louie Louie, als Bügelflasche definitiv ein Hingucker
Louie Louie, definitely an eye-catcher

How has the feedback from customers, winemakers and wine connoisseurs been so far about your eye-catching design and the bottle?

Customers are often confused. But for us, it wasn't just the look of the bottle that was important, but ultimately the contents had to taste good. We spent a long time looking for the right and suitable wines in order to stand out in terms of taste.

And you're not exactly keen to experiment with the contents either. What exactly is a white wine cuvée?

A cuvée can be compared to a whiskey blend. You combine several wines together to achieve a rounder and more balanced taste.

Why did you decide on a cuvée?

In general, we only saw advantages in it: You create a much rounder and balanced taste with a cuvée and can easily compensate for vintage fluctuations and deliver a consistent taste year after year. In addition, we always keep our eyes open for new wines and grape varieties. We are also constantly trying to keep our cuvées at the highest quality or even improve them.

In Louie Louie, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Rivaner and Riesling come together. What is the process like until you reach the desired end result? And do you do it alone or with support?

The creation came from us alone. We have spent the last few years intensively studying viticulture and the individual grape varieties. Our friends repeatedly acted as guinea pigs at the tastings. Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc form the flavor base for us in the cuvée, while Riesling and Rivaner provide the acidity and effervescence. It was also important to us to use only organic vegan wines for our cuvées, which extremely limited the choice of winemakers.

Louie Louie is a very well-known rock song. Why the name for your brand?

Most people first think of Modern Talking - but our inspiration is Iggy Pop. I read a report about Iggy Pop a few years ago and discovered a lot of parallels to our idea. After subsequent research, we discovered the song Louie Louie by Iggy Pop from the end of the 60s. The song was not very successful - but we found the name totally suitable for our idea.

Die Inspiration für ihren Markennamen war Iggy Pop
The inspiration for your brand name was Iggy Pop

Svenja and you started Louie Louie together. It's certainly cool to get something like that off the ground as a couple.

You could almost say that we want to turn our passion into a profession. So far, Louie Louie has been a kind of hobby for us. We love wine and approach the Louie Louie project without any great expectations. So there is no pressure at all. The fun and courage to change something in the market is our motivator. As a couple, we can strengthen and support each other.

You are also planning an organic rosé wine and an organic red wine. What exciting things can we expect?

First of all, there will be a sparkling wine from mid-March. I can already promise you that it will taste great. The rosé and red wine are being planned, but we currently lack the financial resources and capacity to realize them.

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