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What makes Niemand Gin special

by Anastasia Hartleib
Was den Niemand Gin besonders macht

Niemand Dry Gin impresses with its unique aroma of floral and woody notes, which tastefully celebrates individuality and strength of character.

The variety of gins is greater than ever. But this presents gin aficionados with new challenges: How do you find that special something in a huge selection? We can help - and recommend Niemand Gin.

Unlike most gins out there, Niemand does without a strong juniper note and the typical citrus flavors. In keeping with the motto "flower meets wood", the manufactory in Hanover has experimented with ingredients that are otherwise more familiar from the perfume scene: lavender and sandalwood.

Die kreativen Köpfe hinter dem Niemand Gin: Torben Paradiek und Sebastian Maria Otto
The creative minds behind Niemand Gin: Torben Paradiek and Sebastian Maria Otto

While the sandalwood in combination with rosemary provides a wonderfully woody and spicy base note, the lavender adds a unique floral lightness to the dry gin. The flavor profile is rounded off by the botanicals apple, ginger, cinnamon, coriander, vanilla, pine nuts and, of course, juniper. "We wanted to create a completely new taste experience in the field of gin," say Torben Paradiek and Sebastian Maria Otto, the founders of Niemand Spirits. They have definitely succeeded.

"Nobody is like you!"

Incidentally, the two ended up with gin by a roundabout route. In 2008, they opened a gallery for young, up-and-coming art together and were thrilled to discover how diverse the art scene is and how unique each individual artist is. This gave them the credo after which they named their gin in 2015: "Nobody is like you!"

Der Niemand Gin vereint Individualität & Charakter - wie alle anderen Niemand Spirits übrigens auch!
Niemand Gin combines individuality and character - just like all other Niemand Spirits!

The Niemand Dry Gin also celebrates this. Not only through its unique floral and woody aroma, but also through its design. Only logical when the Niemand makers come from the design and art scene. Inspired by vintage perfume bottles, the bottle has a unique look. Secret messages included! Or did you notice the flower in the pattern straight away?

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Of course, for a gin that celebrates the individuality of humanity, attention is also paid to top craftsmanship. Niemand Dry Gin is distilled in a small distillery in northern Germany on the basis of a wheat distillate. The end product not only impresses local palates, but also international connoisseurs, who award the dry gin gold and silver medals for its breathtaking taste. Incidentally, it comes into its own best in a gin and tonic with a classic tonic water and an apple wedge or in a fruity gimlet!

So, what are you waiting for? Order the Niemand Dry Gin now!

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