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Wild Tonca Tonic - a truly wild affair

by Anastasia Hartleib
Wild Tonca Tonic – eine echt wilde Angelegenheit

Gin fans know the answer: Which tonic water goes best with my gin? This question can often only be answered by laborious trial and error - and often enough with a less than satisfactory result.

Joshua Weise is also familiar with this problem. As a passionate gin lover and founder of Wild Lion Gin, he has stood in front of the soft drinks shelf himself, pondering several times. But instead of just choosing a moderately suitable tonic, the resourceful man from Hildesheim went straight to action and created his own tonic water without further ado.

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The result is called Wild Tonca Tonic and is perfectly matched to his Wild Lion Gin. Together with Nanotrade from Fürth, Joshua Weise has now produced a special tonic water with some exciting spices and therefore very special flavors.

Das Wild Tonca Tonic ist perfekt auf den Wild Lion Gin abgestimmt
The Wild Tonca Tonic is perfectly matched to the Wild Lion Gin

In addition to the eponymous tonka bean, the recipe also includes vanilla and a little cocoa. The result is a strong, tart tonic water that delights with spicy-sweet aromas - and harmonizes perfectly with the cocoa, coffee and orange notes of Wild Lion Gin. But the tonic also cuts an excellent figure on its own - and knows how to showcase its special flavors very well in combination with classic gins.

Simple idea - complicated to implement

Developing a matching tonic water for gin - that sounds pretty simple at first. But as Josuha Weise experienced first-hand, there are a few hurdles to overcome. "Basically everything that could go wrong did go wrong," says the Hildesheim native.

Wild Lion Gründer Joshua Weise
Wild Lion founder Joshua Weise

From incorrectly printed labels and broken bottle deliveries to a cracked sealing ring in the bottling plant - it took a few attempts and a lot of patience before Wild Tonca Tonic was finally ready. It was a really wild affair.

But all the waiting and worrying was worth it - because the result is an impressive taste experience that you are guaranteed never to have experienced before.

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