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Set of 3 Kaiserweisse - Imperial Berliner Weisse (3x 0,75 l)


Berlin style sour beer

56,99 (€25,33 per l)
Including tax
Contents: 2,25l
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TYRELL BrauKunstAtelier

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fruity-sour, malty tones
Herkunft Brandenburg, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 9.5% vol.

More information about Set of 3 Kaiserweisse

TYRELL Kaiserweisse is a strong beer in the classic style of a Berliner Weisse, from sour fermentation. In its heyday, the 1920s, it was also called Riesling or Champagne Weisse. At that time it was already a beer for the special moment.

Kaiserweisse is brewed according to a process from the 1920s. This involves a double fermentation with different cultures of yeast and lactic acid bacteria, which in unison produce a wonderful taste experience of acidity, fruit and malty tones. Post-fermentation aging takes place in the bottles, following the tradition of the Sandweisse. This Berliner Weisse was buried in the sand of the Mark Brandenburg and only drunk after years. How you proceed with your Kaiserweisse is of course up to you. The brewmaster always recommends buying 2 at once, one to enjoy directly and one to store (or bury?).

Included in the package are:

3x Kaiserweisse á 0,75 l

Location: Börnicke
Country: Germany
Fits: Salad variations, fish, seafood & fruity-sour desserts
Content per individual product: 0,75 liters
Contents: 2,25 Liter
Manufacturer: Tyrell BrauKunstAtelier
Grain and malt varieties: Barley, Wheat
Gravity: 22°P
Color: gold-yellow
Optimal drinking temperature: 4-7 °C
Ingredients: Water Barley malt*, wheat malt*, dextrose, wild/natural hops*, yeast cultures & lactic acid cultures *Organic farming
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: TYRELL BrauKunstAtelier, c/o Erste Bernauer Braugenossenschaft eG, Ernst Thälmannstr. 2c, D-16321 Börnicke

Tyrell BrauKunstAtelier

Brew, enjoy and celebrate together! And this with beers that continue to mature in the bottle and develop excitingly over the years. A must for your own beer cellar. With an eagerness to experiment between German tradition, South American lightness and North American confidence, Thomas Tyrell has already taken on many challenges in the past. He has been brewing beer since 1991 and the list of his brewing experiences is long. Many are familiar with his work as head brewmaster at Stone Brewing in Berlin. Since 2020, he has been taking care of the royal class of beers - the matured ones - in his own BrauKunstAtelier. Beer styles that are a pleasure to drink even after years of cool storage. In terms of beer style, brewing process and choice of ingredients, the focus is on bottle aging. Be it through coffee-like roasted malt; be it through the harmonious symbiosis of yeast and lactic...

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