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Low carb - All about a low-calorie diet

by Anastasia Hartleib
Low Carb - Alles über eine kalorienarme Ernährung

The most important facts summarized for you:

  • Low carb is a diet that avoids carbohydrates
  • Low carbohydrate foods are mainly meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, seeds and green vegetables
  • A low carb diet can help increase your energy levels and support you in losing weight

Low carb diets are a much-discussed topic of interest to many people these days. More and more people are choosing to reduce their carbohydrate intake and instead focus on foods high in protein and fat. This article delves deeper into the world of low carb nutrition and highlights practical tips for implementing it in everyday life.

What is low carb?

Low carb refers to a diet that is characterized by a reduced consumption of carbohydrates. This type of diet primarily avoids sugary foods such as sweets and soft drinks, as well as starchy products such as bread, pasta and rice.

Instead, the focus is on protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products as well as healthy fats from nuts, seeds and avocados.

Fleisch, Fisch, Eier, Avocados und grünes Gemüse sind kohlenhydratarme Lebensmittel.
Meat, fish, eggs, avocados and green vegetables are low-carb foods.

A low carb diet can have a positive effect on your health and general well-being, as a calorie-reduced diet can promote fat burning and stabilize blood sugar levels. There are different types of low carb diets that can be adapted to suit individual needs.

Benefits of a low carb diet for health and weight loss

As already mentioned, a low carb diet offers many benefits for your health and physical well-being:

  • long-lasting feeling of satiety
  • moderate feeling of hunger
  • Reduced food cravings
  • Restful sleep
  • Stable blood sugar levels (because no new carbohydrates/sugar are added)
  • Support in losing weight through increased fat burning

The reason for this is the so-called ketosis state. Your body normally obtains energy from carbohydrates, primarily sugar. However, if your body does not get enough carbohydrates, for example because you are on a low-carb diet, it looks for another source of energy - and it finds this in fat reserves. When the body burns fat for energy, this is called ketosis.

Ketosis only occurs when there are really no more carbohydrates in your body. This is why ketosis is also called "starvation metabolism".

Eine Low Carb Ernährung kann dabei helfen, dein Energielevel zu steigern - und dich beim Abnehmen unterstützen.
A low carb diet can help increase your energy levels - and help you lose weight.

But a low carb diet is not only useful because of ketosis. By reducing carbohydrates in your diet, you can also increase your energy levels. Instead of relying on short-term energy boosts from sugar, you get a constant source of energy from proteins and healthy fats.

A low carb diet can be an effective approach to improving your health and aiding weight loss at the same time. However, it's important to make sure you eat a balanced diet to get all the nutrients you need.

Low carb foods

With a low carb diet, it is important to choose the right foods to reduce your carbohydrate consumption. Allowed foods include vegetables (especially green vegetables), eggs, meat, fish and healthy fats such as avocado and nuts.

It is advisable to avoid foods with a high carbohydrate content such as bread, pasta, rice and sugary snacks. These can quickly lead to an increased intake of carbohydrates and thus impair the success of a low carb diet.

Auf Kohlehydratreiche Kost wie Nudeln, Brot und Reis solltest du bei der Low Carb Ernärhung verzichten.
You should avoid carbohydrate-rich foods such as pasta, bread and rice when following a low carb diet.

It is also important to recognize sugar traps in supposedly healthy foods, as many processed products can contain hidden sugar. It is therefore always worth taking a close look at the nutritional information.

Classic low carb recipes:

Here are 10 classic low carb recipes you should definitely try:

  1. Zucchini pasta with pesto
  2. Baked salmon fillet with vegetables
  3. Cauliflower rice with chicken breast
  4. Avocado and egg salad
  5. Spinach and feta omelette
  6. Vegetable pan with chicken
  7. Beef steak with broccoli and mushrooms
  8. Cucumber salad with yogurt dressing
  9. Tuna salad with eggs and olives
  10. Eggplant and parmesan casserole

Es gibt viele Low Carb Rezeptideen & -inspirationen - zum Beispiel ein Omelett mit Feta und Spinat
There are lots of low carb recipe ideas & inspiration - for example an omelette with feta and spinach

Tips and tricks for low carb

To start successfully in the world of low carb, it is important to focus on a balanced diet. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you:

  1. More plant-based fats than animal fats: plant-based fats tend to contain less saturated fat, which is good for heart health. In addition, vegetable fats often contain more unsaturated fatty acids, which can lower cholesterol levels.
  2. Snack alternatives without carbohydrates: Instead of reaching for unhealthy snacks, try alternatives without carbohydrates such as nuts, vegetable sticks with hummus or Greek yogurt with berries.
  3. Avoid fat traps: Although many low carb products are low in calories, they contain significantly more fat - which in turn can have a detrimental effect on your health.
  4. Low carb is better in phases: A permanent low carb diet is not suitable for everyone. In the long term, a greatly reduced carbohydrate intake can lead to deficiency symptoms and impair performance. It is important to maintain a balanced diet and not limit yourself to one particular eating style.
  5. Meal Prep: Plan and prepare your meals in advance to ensure you always have healthy options on hand. Meal prep not only saves time, but also helps you resist temptation.
  6. Low carb recipes for inspiration: Look for delicious and creative recipes that are low in carbohydrates. There are many delicious dishes such as cauliflower rice, zoodles or vegetable pasta.

Meal Prep, also die Vorbereitung von Low Carb Gerichten, kann die Kohlenhydratarme Ernährung einfacher machen.
Meal prep, i.e. the preparation of low carb dishes, can make the low carb diet easier.

By following these tips and trying out creative low carb recipes, you can successfully start your low carb lifestyle and benefit from the long-term health benefits.

Low carb in everyday life - on the go and in restaurants

If you want to integrate low carb into your everyday life, even when you're out and about or in a restaurant, there are some practical tips and tricks that can help you.

For example, you could fill your lunchbox with tasty low carb options such as vegetable sticks, nuts, hard-boiled eggs or a salad with protein. This way, you always have a healthy alternative to hand.

Viele Restaurants bieten mittlerweile auch Low Carb Gerichte an.
Many restaurants now also offer low carb dishes.

If you're in a hurry or don't feel like cooking, you don't have to go without a low-carb diet. Many restaurants now offer low-carb dishes. For example, you could ask for grilled meat or fish with vegetables or order a burger without a bun.

You can also look for specific low-carb options in restaurants, such as salads with protein, grilled vegetables or soups without side dishes. It is always worth studying the menu carefully and asking for individual adjustments if necessary.

With a little planning and creativity, it is perfectly possible to integrate low carb into your everyday life - whether at home, on the go or in a restaurant.

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