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You have to try these 10 craft drinks in 2020

by Yascha Roshani
Diese 10 Craft Getränke muss man 2020 probiert haben

The craft scene is developing at breakneck speed. To keep you up to date with what's being made with and from drinks these days, we've put together the top 10 craft drinks that reflect all the cool, current drink trends .

Murre Gin - the gin with the carrot

Murre Gin What can't be said about the development of gin. It feels like every creation with gin has already existed - and then a new, crazy flavor combination comes along.

Just like Murre Gin. The carrot as one of seven botanicals. If that's not reason enough to try it, then perhaps the five awards that Murre Gin has won in the first year and a half of its existence are.

Taste: Juniper, fresh orange and mint notes, nice sweetness and of course the carrot; good neat and in tonic

Price: €33.90 for 500ml | €17.90 for 200ml

Order Murre Gin here

Jägermeister-Bock - Bock beer stored in Jägermeister barrels

Jägermeister-BockCraft beer brewers and a multinational mass-marketing drink are getting closer! Jägermeister naturally has some kind of cult status. Even if, unlike craft beverages, it is usually less for enjoyment and more for quickly knocking back.

However, David Hertl has landed a coup here and, together with star chef Alexander Herrmann, has created the world's first official and, of course, highly limited Jägermeister beer. The bock beer is stored in Jägermeister barrique barrels, giving it an unmistakable taste.

Taste: strong due to bock beer and barrique, herbal thanks to Jägermeister

Price: €16.75 for 0.5 liters

Order Jägermeister-Bock here

RYEKORN - rye grain

RYEKORN RoggenkornCraft Korn was already on everyone's lips years ago as the next craft drink. It never really caught on. But to be honest, the situation is far better than it was around 10-15 years ago, when people only knew Korn from the bottom shelf for €4.99 and used it more for disinfecting.

Fortunately, there are now wonderful Korns that are revamping the image. Like RYEKORN. The special thing about RYEKORN is that it is based exclusively on rye, whereas most grains are made from wheat. The rye makes it wonderfully mild and aromatic. It can be enjoyed neat or used in cocktails.

Taste: aromatic, characteristic, mild

Price: €24.95 for 0.5 liters

RYEKORN - Order rye grain here

13 Drunken Botanicals - Infused Korn

13 Drunken Botanicals - Infused Korn Due to its mostly neutral taste, grain is also a wonderful basis for storing flavors. You hear the word infused more and more often. This involves removing the aromas from ingredients (usually herbs and spices) by soaking them in alcohol (or oil or water) for some time.

This is how the 13 infused botanicals from Freytag Liqueurs come about. The base is a soft grain spirit made from wheat and barley malt, which combines a range of delicious botanicals: lemon peel, orange peel, lemongrass, lemon balm, lavender, rose petals, cardamom, spruce needles, orange blossom, orris root, Ceylon cinnamon

Taste: light natural sweetness, lemony, floral, grassy, mild finish of lavender and cardamom

Price: € 30.00 for 0.5 liters

13 Drunken Botanicals - Order infused grain here

Avontuur coffee - coffee sailed across the Atlantic

Avontuur Kaffee - über den Atlantik gesegelter Kaffee You read that right: This coffee is imported CO2-neutral from Nicaragua by cargo ship. In Hamburg, the organic beans are unloaded by hand (this has become a real festival, with many people joining in voluntarily) and transported to the Lloyd Caffee roasting plant in Bremen by electric truck. Here they are now gently and slowly roasted by hand. The result is a beautiful, strong coffee aroma bomb.

The coffee beans also come from the self-governing small farmers' association of the COSATIN/TIERRA NUEVA cooperative. The Avontuur team visited the coffee farmers last year, among other things, to make sure that everything was being done properly and fairly.

Taste: strong, full-bodied, nutty, chocolaty

Price: €7.50 for 250g

OrderAvontuur filter coffee here

The Hop Gin - a gin with hops

Der Hopfen Gin - ein Gin mit Hopfen Gin can do anything, can do anything and does anything (not quite, of course - there are EU guidelines for when gin can be called "gin"). In this case, gin has made use of the soul of beer: hops.

The hop gin from Braumanufaktur Hertl - the smallest brewery in Franconia - was hopped with the aroma hop Hallertau Mandarina Bavaria. This hop gin is a must for anyone who loves gin and aroma-hopped beers.

Taste: distinct hop aroma, fruity and beautifully mild

Price: €29.75 for 0.5 liters

Order the hop gin here

Seicha Matcha with lime - the matcha lemonade

Seicha Matcha mit Limette - die Matcha Limonade Matcha has become increasingly popular in recent years. Matcha means "ground tea". Strictly speaking, it is ground green tea - and what could be more natural than making a delicious lemonade out of it?

Seicha Matcha Limos are cold-filled with organic Matcha tea and citrus fruits. The result is the typical matcha taste combined with a delicately tart, fruity and above all refreshing character. Incidentally, matcha is also an invigorating stimulant. With 1,300 mg of matcha per bottle, Seicha Matcha deserves the title "invigorating refreshment experience".

Taste: slightly tart, tangy, refreshing, fruity and limey

Price: €13.80 for 6 bottles of 330ml each

OrderSeicha Matcha with lime here

Louie Louie - dry organic white wine cuvée from the swing-top bottle

Louie Louie - trockener Bio Weißweincuvée aus der Bügelflasche White wine cuvée in itself is not the most common form of white wine. Wine from swing-top bottles is even rarer. And Louie Louie's eye-catching bottle design with a corkscrew as a stinky finger is even rarer.

The creators wanted to inject a little zest into the world of wine. The combination of Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Rivaner was tinkered with for a long time to create a white wine that has the best of everything.

Taste: The result makes your mouth water as soon as you read it: dry and drinkable (Pinot Gris), voluminous and floral (Sauvignon Blanc), lively and acidic (Rivaner)

Price: €19.90 for 3 bottles of 0.5 liters each

OrderLouie Louie organic white wine cuvée here

ROTSIEGEL Grand Prestige Classique - a so-called brut beer

ROTSIEGEL Grand Prestige Classique - ein sogenanntes Brut-Bier Looks classy, is made classy, tastes classy. As craft beer knows no boundaries (nor should it ever!), ROTSIEGEL now offers a beer that has been fermented with champagne yeast. That's right: beer + champagne yeast.

The finished brewed brut beer is bottled together with champagne yeast and matures there for another 3 months. But that's not all. In the old traditional, artisanal manner, the bottles are regularly shaken and swirled gently and gradually brought into an upside-down position (called "remuage") so that the dead yeast migrates into the neck of the bottle, where it is then skillfully removed (called "disgorging"). Nowadays there are machines for riddling. But here, of course, it is still done by hand!

Taste: dry, fruity and fresh; aromas of citrus, grapefruit, apple, pear and lychee; slightly bitter aftertaste

Price: €19.95 for 0.75 liters

OrderROTSIEGEL Grand Prestige Classique here

MEXILOVE - the spicy tomato schnapps

MEXILOVE - der scharfe Tomatenschnaps Even if "Mexikaner" has nothing to do with Mexicans, the spicy drink has achieved real cult status in Germany over the last ten years. Similar to Jägermeister, most people know it from the bar counter. However, the two Berlin founders have brought this cult to the bottle and it can now be enjoyed anytime and anywhere - even in cocktails.

Choosing the right tomato juice and the right pepper is meticulous precision work for perfect harmony.

Taste: very fruity thanks to the high fruit content, fiery hot thanks to the white pepper and very round overall

Price: €8.99 for 0.7 liters

Order MEXILOVE Berlin tomato schnapps here

Of course, a shipping fee is added to all the prices listed above, if applicable to the respective seller.

We are an online marketplace, so you buy every product directly from the manufacturer. You can't get drinks any fresher than this.

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