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"Trees instead of fences" - a portrait of Wildlieb

by Anastasia Hartleib
Bäume statt Zäune - Wildlieb im Portrait

Game meat is practically the superfood among all types of meat. Instead of coming from non-species-appropriate factory farming, venison comes from animals living in the wild that can move and feed freely in forests and meadows. The meat of wild boar, red deer etc. is therefore also considered to be particularly low in fat and rich in important nutrients. In short: game is healthy, species-appropriate and not harmful to our planet. And it's also damn tasty.

At Wildlieb, you don't need any more convincing when it comes to game meat - they've known all this for a long time. True to the motto "trees instead of fences", the team of passionate hunters and talented organizers is fully committed to game meat. In their small manufactory in southern Thuringia, experience, patience and a passion for nature and sustainable consumption come together to create top-quality game meat products.

Buy Wildlieb game sausage specialties

It all started with Andreas. He is not only a university professor and former management consultant, but also a hunter with his own lease. And as a hunter, Andreas has boundless enthusiasm for game - and wanted to share this most sustainable way of eating meat with people who, like him, don't have a forest on their doorstep. So he looked for a few like-minded people and founded Wildlieb together with his fellow hunters Tino and Marcel and his former consultant colleague Karina.

Wildlieb-Gründer Andreas Del Re ist Hochschulprofessor - und Hobbyjäger.
Wildlieb founder Andreas is a university professor - and a hobby hunter.

Since 2022, they have been working together at Wildlieb to market high-quality game meat preparations. The production of crackers, ham, salami, etc. is subject to the greatest possible regionality and sustainability considerations. The animals all come from the company's own leases in Thuringia - and are processed by an experienced master butcher in Tröbnitz, who also happens to be a hunter.

The natural stock determines the supply

The hunters are also as careful as possible when shooting the animals. For example, they take care to ensure that the animals' social structure is disturbed as little as possible - this means, for example, that leading or mother animals are not removed, as hunters say. And because population protection always plays a role in prudent hunting, 'too many' animals are never shot. The natural stock determines the supply at Wildlieb - not the other way around.

Bei der Herstellung der Wildlieb Wild-Spezialitäten wird auf Regionalität und Nachhaltigkeit geachtet.
In the production of Wildlieb game specialties, attention is paid to regionality and sustainability.

However, it is not only in the production of the sausage specialties that attention is paid to regionality, but also to purchased ingredients. The pork used for some of the game sausage preparations, for example, comes from Purely Green in Eisenach and is of course organic.

The absolute Wildlieb bestseller: wild boar crackers

Why does pork end up in venison sausage? It's simple: although the low-fat properties of game meat make it extremely digestible, the leanness of the meat is a challenge for the production of sausage specialties. "We sometimes use pork fat for our products so that the sausage is not too dry," explains Karina Schwenk. "However, we have recently added two salami varieties to our range, as well as our wild boar crackers, which are made from 100% wild boar meat and are particularly tasty."

Die Wildschweinknacker sind das beliebteste Produkt bei Wildlieb - und das nicht ohne Grund.
The wild boar crackers are Wildlieb's most popular product - and not without reason.

Speaking of wild boar crackers - they are, by the way, the absolute bestseller at Wildlieb. And not without good reason. The tasty crackling sausages have a really impressive aroma - and are an absolute delicacy both as a snack and for dinner. But the other products are also very tasty.

Whether fresh wild boar liver sausage from the jar, fine fennel venison salami, which also cuts a really good figure on pizza, or fiery chili venison crackers. Recently, there is also a wild boar salami that has been refined with horseradish. Sounds crazy? But it tastes incredibly delicious. Especially the way the Wildlieb makers themselves like to eat their sausage: With fresh bread, out in nature.

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