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Black Russian

by Anastasia Hartleib
Black Russian

The Black Russian cocktail is an elegant classic that has been a favorite among cocktail lovers for decades. This deeply dark and delicious concoction is known for its simplicity, as it contains only two main ingredients: Vodka and coffee liqueur. The Black Russian is a versatile drink that can be served on the rocks or stirred and poured into a martini glass.

The cocktail is a short drink and is ideal as an after-dinner pick-me-up or dessert cocktail. Here's how to prepare the Black Russian:

Black Russian recipe

Ingredients (for 2 portions):

  • 8 cl vodka
  • 2 cl coffee liqueur


  1. Pour half vodka and half coffee liqueur into two old fashioned glasses.
  2. Top up with ice cubes.

Where does the name Black Russian come from?

The name "Black Russian" was possibly coined due to the deep, dark color of the drink, which is reminiscent of the black Russian nights. The choice of vodka as the base spirit creates a link to Russia, a country known for its long and harsh winters.

Black Russian Cocktail Rezept

What does the Black Russian taste like?

The Black Russian cocktail has a distinct and rich flavor profile that is often described as strong yet smooth. The vodka provides a solid alcoholic base, while the coffee liqueur adds depth and sweetness, resulting in a delicious and enjoyable mix.

It is a good choice for those who like the combination of coffee and alcohol, and the overall taste can be adjusted to individual preferences by adjusting the proportions of vodka and coffee liqueur.

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