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ProBier package - 12x Craft Beer (6x different types of beer)

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Contents: 3,96l
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Brauerei Mainstockheim

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Herkunft Bavaria, Germany

More information about ProBier package

The ProBier package from the Mainstockheim brewery. Six different beers, ideal for giving as a gift or drinking it yourself!


2x Hefeweizen 0.33 l

So that there is the right thing for every beer connoisseur, of course a wheat beer may not be missing. Our Hefeweizen consists of a mixture with wheat, barley, special and caramel malt. The naturally cloudy taste experience comes with finely selected top-fermenting yeast and fine-pored foam.

Taste: creamy, spicy
Alcohol content: 5.6% vol.

2x Lager Dark 0,33 l

Lager Dunkel is the answer to the industrial production of "Craft Beer" by large breweries. Powerful and roasty aroma results in a full-bodied taste, which of course should not be missing in any beer connoisseur circle.

Taste: roasty, malty, full-bodied
Alcohol content: 5.2% vol.

2x Lager Hell 0,33 l

A "Helles" that convinces! With its slender line and hoppy note, our Lager Hell has a uniquely balanced taste. Refreshes in the summer time with a taste experience for the palate.

Taste: refreshingly hoppy
Alcohol content: 4,8 % vol.

2x Pale Ale 0,33 l

Our Pale Ale is brewed with Mandarina Bavaria aroma hops. As the name suggests, a sweet and fruity aroma profile awaits you. It is reminiscent of a citrus fruit, the hop flower of which evokes pleasant associations with exotic fruits even before tasting.

Taste: fruity, sweetish, citrus fruit
Alcohol content: 5.2 % vol.

2x Pils 0,33 l

Our Pils exceeds the usual norms of the common Pils drinker and therefore cannot be compared with the standard Pils of a large brewery. Through the fruity and at the same time bitter taste creativity and tradition meet and unite to a unique taste.

Taste: fruity, bitter
Alcohol content: 4.9 % vol.

2x Zwickl 0,33 l

Our Zwickl is a hearty cellar beer and also one of our special seasonal creations. The selected hops of our brewmaster give the "Zwickl" its spicy and yet fruity taste. Sweet and malty, it is a unique and full-bodied drinking pleasure.

Taste: fruity, spicy, drinkable
Alcohol content: 5.1 % vol.

Location: Mainstockheim
Country: Germany
Content per individual product: 0,33 liters
Contents: 3,96 Liter
Manufacturer: Brewery Mainstockheim
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: Brewery Mainstockheim, owner: Pascal Gedrat, Untere Brunnengasse 3, D-97320 Mainstockheim

Brewery Mainstockheim

It all started in September 2016 when four friends from Mainstockheim decided to start a small brewery. Soon after, we had founded our company and bought all our utensils. Then we already started with the first brew. We sold most of our first brews to our friends and acquaintances. In the middle of 2017, we decided to convert a garage into a microbrewery. Our beers became more and more famous and our beer varieties more and more diverse. From this point on, we have steadily expanded and modernized. In 2018 we opened our own beer garden. In the same year we started to hold an annual beer festival every March and September. At the end of 2019, two of the founding members decided to leave the brewery. The beer continues to gain popularity and the first pubs were supplied. Meanwhile, brewmaster Pascal Gedrat runs the brewery alone - and continues to brew exciting beers for you.

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Brauerei Mainstockheim