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Barbecue: Tips for the right drinks

by Anastasia Hartleib
Angrillen: Tipps für die richtigen Getränke

As soon as the temperatures rise a few degrees, the smell of charcoal and roasted meat fills the air. Barbecuing is an integral part of German gardens and backyards - almost 90% of all Germans have a barbecue at home(Statista) Traditionally, barbecue masters serve a cold beer - usually Pilsner. This is understandable, as pilsner is not only one of the most popular types of beer, but also goes well with almost any barbecue dish thanks to its tangy aromas.

But drinking only Pilsner beer at every barbecue evening becomes rather monotonous at some point - and doesn't really do justice to the huge variety of drinks. That's why we're giving you a few tips and inspiration on the right drinks for a barbecue.

Tips on drinks for barbecues

The first tip should be widely known by now, but it cannot be repeated often enough: Never deglaze the barbecue meat with beer!

This not only rinses the spices and marinade off the meat, but also stirs up ash, which then sticks to the meat and, in the worst case, can be harmful to your health. Better: marinate the meat in a beer marinade beforehand to infuse the steak or fillet with beer flavors. And how do you extinguish the barbecue? The pros say: not at all! Instead, simply place the food next to the embers and close the lid briefly - the flames will quickly die down on their own.

Wichtiger Grill-Tipp: Das Fleisch niemals mit Bier ablöschen!
Important barbecue tip: Never extinguish the meat with beer!

Another tip regarding the choice of drink: Avoid sweet drinks. They "gum up" the taste buds, so to speak, and prevent us from fully enjoying all the flavors on the barbecue plate. What's more, sweet drinks also make you full. Instead, opt for tart and dry drinks that enhance the flavors of grilled meat, fish, vegetables and more. We'll now show you which drinks are best suited to which barbecue dishes.

Which drink goes with which barbecue dish?

The answer to the question of the right drink naturally always depends on what is being grilled - and what tastes best to your palate. Do you also like your favorite pilsner with grilled sea bream? Or the red wine from your vacation in Italy with your bratwurst? Then don't let (internet) expert opinions stop you. Nevertheless, there are some flavor combinations that go better together than others:

Heavy barbecue dishes: red wine, dark beers & tea

Zu schweren Gerichten und rotem Fleisch serviert man am besten Rotwein oder dunkle Biere
Red wine or dark beers are best served with heavy dishes and red meat

For heavy grilled dishes such as ribs, steaks, game or hearty marinated grilled vegetables, tannic, dry or barrel-aged red wines are ideal. Beer fans should choose sweet, dark beers such as porters or stouts for heavy grilled dishes. Alternatively, pale ales are also suitable for spicy marinades. Have you already used beer in your marinade? Then it's best to serve the same beer with your meal.

If you are looking for non-alcoholic drinks to accompany heavy grilled dishes, try black or strong green tea. Semi-fermented and smoky-tasting teas harmonize particularly well with the heavyweights from the barbecue. Also good: Virgin cocktail variations with non-alcoholic gin!

Light barbecue dishes: White wine, light beers & herbal lemonades

Leichtere Gerichte und Klassiker wie Bratwürste vom Grill schmecken am besten mit Weißwein oder hellen BiersortenLighter dishes and classics such as grilled sausages taste best with white wine or light beers

Lighter grilled dishes such as poultry or vegetarian options such as Mediterranean grilled vegetables or grilled cheese are best served with dry white wines or light beers such as pilsner, IPA, lager or cellar beer. Homemade iced teas or low-sugar herbal lemonades also taste great with light grilled dishes!

Grilled fish: white wine, wheat beer & Altbier

Ideally, grilled fish should be served with a dry white wine, preferably a non-alcoholic version. However, for those for whom a cool beer is simply part of the barbecue ambience, it is best to get a wheat beer or - depending on the fish dish - a dark Altbier. For particularly hot days, we recommend Berliner Weisse, which are sour beers that bring a refreshing effervescence to your barbecue evening.

Desserts from the barbecue: rosé wine, pale ale & non-alcoholic spirits

Zum Nachtisch vom Grill empfehlen wir: Rosé!
We recommend dessert from the barbecue: Rosé!

Barbecue dishes don't always have to be hearty - grilled fruit is also becoming increasingly popular. Our wine recommendation for barbecue desserts: rosé wine. Rosé is a real all-rounder and its fruity and dry aromas make it an excellent accompaniment to desserts. But a fruity pale ale or tangy IPA also harmonize well with fruit. If you want to serve your guests something more unusual than beer and wine (or non-alcoholic wine), you should take a look at our range of non-alcoholic spirits. A virgin gin and tonic or a non-alcoholic long drink with rum round off the taste experience perfectly - and can be drunk throughout the evening! Of course, the long drinks or cocktails for dessert can also be prepared in the version with alcohol.

Insider tip: whisky & gin with a barbecue

Wer hätte das gedacht: Der richtige Whisky kann deinen Grillabend perfekt abrunden!
Who would have thought it: the right whisky can round off your barbecue evening perfectly!

Speaking of exceptional: the barbecue season doesn't just have to be accompanied by lighter alcoholic drinks. Whisky or gin are also suitable accompaniments to food! However, if you don't like whisky and juniper distillate in any other way, you won't miraculously enjoy them when barbecuing. For lovers of spirits, however, the right whisky with a steak can be a real revelation. You should follow these tips:

Whisky for grilling:

  • The redder the meat, the darker and more aromatic the whisky should be
  • Also serve intense, smoky or sweet whiskies with spicy marinated vegetables
  • Light and softer whiskies are recommended with light dishes & fish

Ein gut ausgewählter Gin ist ein tolles Pairing für den Grillabend
A well-chosen gin is a great pairing for a barbecue evening

Gin for barbecues:

  • Serve fruity gins with a subtle juniper note with heavily marinated dishes
  • It is best to serve barrel-aged gin (aged or reserve gins) with dishes from the smoker!
  • For light grilled dishes, floral New Westerns are suitable, also with a rather restrained juniper note
  • For the long-drink variant: The choice of tonic water should also be more restrained. Overly strong aromas tend to overpower the taste of the food instead of accompanying it.

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