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City guide: Craft beer breweries in Karlsruhe

by Yascha Roshani
Craft Beer in Karlsruhe

In our city guide series, we put together special beverage manufactories in German cities for you. This way, you can find the tastiest drops in a city and enjoy them regionally. We start our series with craft beer.

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PØBELBRÆU (Pöbelbräu)

What is special about your beer?

Smooth and light craft beers with a fine fruity aroma. For everyone - a beer for the common rabble.

Why the name Pöbelbräu? Does it reflect your philosophy?

The idea was to develop a craft beer for a wide audience and to oppose the German standardized beer, which has lost all creativity. The name Pöbelbräu is ambiguous and rebellious, just like our beers.

What connects you to Karlsruhe?

Studies, job, family - there are many reasons. Last but not least, the place where it all began - our little brewery garage - is in Karlsifornia.

The beers from Pöbelbräu

We currently have a delicious IPL (India Pale Lager) on board, which has become our flagship.

Opening hours and accessibility

Our brewery garage is located at Hedwigshof near Ettlingen. We are always happy to welcome visitors when the kettles of our small test facility are fired up. It is best to contact us directly to find out when we are brewing.

Badisch Brauhaus

What is special about your beer?

It's fresh and naturally cloudy. Our beer is also unique (good), not comparable with beers from other breweries. Our standard is to brew craft beers that have a special character.

What connects you to Karlsruhe?

Karlsruhe is our birthplace. We also like the Baden and Alsatian mentality and their cuisine.

The beers from Badisch Brauhaus

All year round, we offer a light, bottom-fermented beer with 12.5% abv and a dark, bottom-fermented beer with 13.5% abv. There is also a seasonal beer on tap: Märzen, Maibock, Pils, Porter, Festbiere or Bernsteinweizen.

Opening hours and availability

We are open every day. Mon-Fri from 3 pm, on weekends & public holidays from 11:30 am. Our brewery and restaurant are located at Stephanienstraße 38-40, 76133 Karlsruhe. We only sell our beer on the premises, but it is possible to take the beer home. We provide kegs (5l - 50l) and siphon bottles (1l - 2l) for this purpose. We also offer brewery tours for groups of ten or more. These take place by arrangement.


You are the first brewery in Karlsruhe to go through crowdfunding. How was your experience and success?

Crowdfunding was a long and hard road for us. We had to do a lot of advertising - but in the end we were rewarded with over 5,000 euros in funding and achieved our goal. We were able to purchase two professional beer pavilions, with which we are present at various events such as the Karlsruhe Beer Exchange.

How do you see the development of craft beer in Karlsruhe in general?

Decades ago, Karlsruhe used to be the third largest beer production site in Germany. We are very pleased that something has been happening in the brewing scene in Karlsruhe again in recent years and we think that we can mutually increase the quality in this way.

You don't have your own brewery. How and where do you brew?

We are a so-called cuckoo brewery, i.e. we always rent space in various breweries in Baden. Our first brew was in the Karlsruhe district, then we ended up near Heidelberg and also in Lenzkirch in the Black Forest. We always find excellent conditions there, including top-quality Black Forest spring water.

The beers from Fächerbräu

We brew traditional beer styles according to the German Purity Law, which we reinterpret in a subtle way. Our raw materials are regional and organic. We brew a top-fermented organic festival beer and fill it naturally cloudy. Our organic Pilsner is naturally cloudy and cold-hopped - we add aromas of citrus, lime and light orange peel to the beer through hop tamping. There is also an organic lemon, which we mix with the Pils to create an organic natural Radler. In addition to our Hellen and Weizen, we also have sodas, wine spritzers, liqueurs, cider and even vinegar in our range.

Opening hours and accessibility

You can visit us at various events. You can also find our creations in various bars, stores and food trucks throughout Karlsruhe. You are welcome to contact us at any time: [email protected]

Kühler Krug family brewery

What is special about your beer?

The special thing about our fresh beer is that it can be bought chilled (we do not filter or pasteurize) in our 3/4 liter swing-top bottles in most supermarkets in the region.

What is special about your brewery?

We specialize in gastronomic experiences. You can experience everything from a knight's feast, fondue evening, barbecue in the ice age, barbecue, brewery tours with suckling pig dinner, banquet, etc. A special highlight are the themed parties, which are attended by up to 1,000 people.

The beers from the Kühlen Krug Karlsruhe

We have our Helles and our Baden Rittertrunk (a dark beer) on tap all year round. From 01.04 to 30.09 we also serve our Hefeweizen and five additional seasonal beer specialties depending on the time of year.

Opening hours and accessibility

You can find us in the Kühler Krug brewery at Wilhelm-Baur-Str. 3a in Karlsruhe

Brewery sales, brewery tour and gastronomy:
Mon-Sat 11:30am-2pm
Sundays from 10:30 am

Brewhouse 2.0

What is special about your beer?

We offer honest beer: we not only brew according to traditional methods and the principles of the Purity Law, but also use certified organic ingredients. Our organic raw materials come from the region and, most importantly, we take our time in the production process - our beer is given the necessary time to rest and mature.

Why do you see yourselves as an upgrade of the traditional pub brewery?

The quality of our products and the careful handling of their preparation are our top priority. We see regionality and sustainability as the basis for enjoyment. We value the best ingredients and preparation and take the time to look for the best suppliers and raw materials. We want to offer honest cuisine! This means handling food correctly and without chemicals and, as far as possible, without additives. Everything we do is handmade and we stand by that.

What connects you to Karlsruhe?

Owner Jochen Martin was born in Karlsruhe. So he combines his home with his passion. He is not only a master brewer, but also a qualified beer sommelier.

The beers from Brauhaus 2.0 in Karlsruhe

We serve pilsner and wheat beer all year round. These are complemented by our special 2.0 beers, which change every month and are always newly created. They have their own historical tradition and are very popular with us. Märzen, Maibock, Emmer, IPA, Festbier, Jahrgangsbier or the popular Dreikorn are just a few examples.

Opening hours and availability

Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 10 pm. You can always eat something good from our varied menu, drink a home-brewed beer or take it away. We also offer guided tours of the brewery by prior arrangement. We have many events in our house - it's always worth taking a look at our homepage: https://www.brauhaus-20.de/2-0-karlsruhe
Egon-Eiermann-Allee 8
76187 Karlsruhe


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