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From anatomy to distillery - the story behind Tinctura Anatomica

by Anastasia Hartleib
Von der Anatomie zur Destillerie - Die Geschichte hinter Tinctura Anatomica

When their paths first crossed, Lars Bräuer and Michael Scholz would probably never have believed that they would one day launch their own gin on the market. And yet the two professors of anatomy at the university in beautiful Erlangen have more in common than just a shared workplace. A good 12 years ago, colleagues became friends whose love of outstanding gins brought them closer together - and gave them the idea of creating their own juniper spirit at some point. The starting signal for Tinctura Anatomica was given.

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Over the course of time, the pieces of the puzzle came together piece by piece. In the course of their work at the university, the two keep coming across medicinal and aromatic plants that have been preserved in alcohol for some time - and used to preserve anatomical specimens, for example.

"Our idea was to combine the good with the useful and use a tincture of selected botanicals that were already in use at the time to produce an exceptionally good gin," says Michael Scholz. Lavender, camomile, aniseed and various types of mint ended up on their list. When an opportunity arose to turn their idea into reality together with their friend and distiller Gabriel Möbus, the two anatomists seized the opportunity.

Michael Schulz (l) und Lars Bräuer (r) sind Professoren, Anatomen und Gin Produzenten.
Michael Scholz (l) and Lars Bräuer (r) are professors, anatomists and gin producers.

In Gabriel Möbus' Bad Rodach distillery, the basic recipe for Tinctura Anatomica gin is perfected and then distilled by hand. The medicinal herbs already mentioned are joined by lime and orange peel and a little cocoa to round off the taste experience. The end result impressed the two professors so much that five further creations were quickly produced from the basic recipe for the dry gin. All gins are characterized by the characteristic notes of lavender, mint and citrus fruits and a mild hint of cocoa - but each has its own interpretation. There is a dark gin (the Navy Strength version), a non-alcoholic version, a reserve gin, a sloe gin and an Old Tom interpretation.

Handmade gins that impress with their overall package

Each of the two anatomists has their very own favorite: Michael Scholz's favorite is the Reserve Gin, which has a pleasantly warming yet mild taste thanks to its 70-day ageing in Calvados oak barrels - especially when paired with an espresso and a good cigar. Lars Bräuer's favorite is the Old Tom Gin, which is a real aroma bomb with its characteristic taste of cardamom and white candy.

Der Dry Gin Reserve ist die Lieblingskreation von Michael Schulz - vor allem in Verbindung mit einem Espresso und einer guten Zigarre.
The Dry Gin Reserve is Michael Scholz's favorite creation - especially in combination with an espresso and a good cigar.

As befits a real tincture, the Tinctura Anatomica gins are bottled in classic apothecary bottles and sealed with a wax seal. The label was designed by renowned artist Claus Pankraz Jakob, who created an individual label with impressively detailed skull drawings for each of the six gins.

The Tinctura Anatomica gins are therefore a convincing overall package: a pretty cool story of how they came to be, top-quality distillates, great design - and of course damn tasty. Whether classic dry gin, navy strength, sloe gin, old tom gin, aged or non-alcoholic - all six gins offer a unique taste experience without neglecting the underlying DNA of Tinctura Anatomica. Cheers!

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Anastasia Hartleib

Anastasia Hartleib

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