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Maisel & Friends Jeff's Bavarian Ale


White beer reinterpreted

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Content: 0,75l
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sourish, malty sweet, dark berry fruit, oriental spices
Bitterwert (IBU) 30
Herkunft Bavaria, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 7.1% vol.

More information about Maisel & Friends Jeff's Bavarian Ale

With Jeff's Bavarian Ale, the brewers at Maisel & Friends have dared to use their creative hands to create a true Bavarian classic. The result is something that can really be seen and tasted: Bold and surprising, the beer inspires with a plus of hops. The brewery's own wheat beer yeast gives the beer a very special kick and elevates it from a classic to a beer specialty.

The beautiful, copper-red amber hue in the glass underscores the wonderfully fresh cassis aromas that rise to the nose from the firm foam. In addition to the beguiling fruity notes, one can smell an undertone of oriental spices that add a new level of complexity to this Franconian wheat beer experiment.

On the tongue, the Bavarian Ale presents itself breathtakingly fresh and fruity and is in no way inferior to the Bavarian wheat beer. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the fine acidity and tangy carbonation create a flavor experience that beats the conventional notes of banana and clove in terms of sophistication. Spicy yeast and soft malt cleverly complement the play of flavors. Enjoyment of the voluminous beer ends in a bitter finish that is short and crisp and also scores with yeasty spice and fruity acidity.

The new interpretation of the classic wheat beer from Maisel & Friends is a success all along the line.

Location: Bayreuth
Country: Germany
Fits: hearty roast dishes, desserts with chocolate and/or berries, intense cheese specialties
Content: 0,75 Liter
Smell: black currant, oriental spices
Manufacturer: Maisel & Friends
Grain and malt varieties: Barley, Wheat
Gravity: 17°P
Hops: Australian aroma hops, Hallertau aroma hops
Color: dark amber
Optimal drinking temperature: 8 - 10 °C
Ingredients: Water, wheat and barley malt, yeast, hops
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: Brauerei Gebrüder Maisel KG, Hindenburgstr. 9, 95445 Bayreuth, Germany (DE)

Maisel & Friends

Anyone who drinks craft beer has almost certainly stumbled across this name at some point. Hardly anyone on the scene is as experimental, open, and unbiased as Jeff Maisel, the mastermind behind Maisel & Friends. This must be due to his origins, because Jeff is half American and a Californian beach boy through and through: always in a good mood, ultra friendly and on a first-name basis with everyone. Jeff is the dazzling center of his own brewery and the initiator behind numerous collaboration brews. Maisel's mission Jeff is not only a passionate brewer, in addition to brewing outstanding beers, he also wants to be a trailblazer for the craft beer movement in Germany. Creative, flavorful beers of excellent craft quality are to become genuine alternatives to industrially produced beers, and Maisel & Friends is to play a significant role in this quest. In the future, beer lovers should...

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