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Steiger Kraut - Herbal liqueur



28,99 (€57,98 per l)
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Contents: 0,5l
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Steiger Spirits

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Steiger Spirits
Geschmack strong herbs, mild body, sweet-tart note
Herkunft North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 42% vol.

More information about Steiger Kraut

A gold award-winning herbal liqueur made from 70 local herbs and refined with our Steiger Korn. It may not be quite as bitter as one is generally used to from German semi-bitter liqueurs, but it offers enough aroma to set off a little firework on the palate.

The taste of Steiger Kraut is close to that of sweet herbal liqueurs, with the sweetness appearing a little dominant. With its interplay between bitter and sweet, Steiger Kraut offers a unique taste experience.

Location: Dorsten
Country: Germany
Base alcohol: Steiger grain
Contents: 0,5 Liter
Smell: intense herbal notes, light sweetness
Manufacturer: Steiger Spirits
Color: Amber
Optimal drinking temperature: 18 - 20 °C
Drink type: Liqueur
Food companies: Steiger Spirits GmbH, Gelsenkirchenerstrasse 3, D-46282 Dorsten

Steiger Spirits

There are certainly more relaxed places to work than being underground. But these special circumstances have an impressive effect on the people who risk or have risked their lives in mining every day: 1,000 meters below ground, it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. What matters here is what you can do and that everyone can rely on you. This grueling hard work creates a bond that will last forever. Underground, work colleagues become real buddies. Buddies like Andi and Dirk, who have been getting through all of life's ups and downs together since their school days and like to toast it with a good drop of wine. In 2016, they came up with the idea for Steiger Korn and Steiger Gin: spirits that are based on tradition but still have a special taste and, above all, remain genuine and down-to-earth. Together with Andi's wife Luci, they set out on a search in their homeland...

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