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Herb storm - 3x herbal liqueur (monastery elixir, blacksmith's gold and Striegi)


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Content: 1,5l
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Herkunft Saxony, Germany

More information about Herb storm

3xHerbalLiqueur (1x "Klosterelixier"HerbalLiqueur + 1x "Schmiedegold" High-ProofHerbalLiqueur + 1x "Striegi" Herbal Liqueur).

Eric Brabant of Rose Valley produces only the very finest spirits and liqueurs. That every recipe is something special is immediately apparent when you look at Rose Valley's portfolio. Be it the very special botanicals for Rose Valley's gins, the knack for the right barrels or the focus on the regionality of the ingredients.

If you're into herbs, you'll hit the bull's eye with this craft package. You can't get more fine herbal flavors in a glass.

Three herbal liqueurs are included in this herbal storm. Because of the different recipes, you can look forward to three different flavor profiles in this tasting set.

The liqueurs are all suitable primarily as an aperitif and digestif. But also the creativity for processing in cocktails are no limits. As a small suggestion, here is the recipe for a Forge Gold Sour by David Gran:

5.5cl Rose Valley Schmiedegold Herbal Liqueur
2cl blueberry liqueur
2.5cl lime juice (freshly squeezed)
1cl cane sugar syrup
2cl aquafaba (or egg white)
6 drops of orange bitters

Mix all ingredients - except the bitters - first vigorously dry (without ice). Then shake with ice and strain into a pre-chilled cocktail bowl. Carefully add the drops of bitters to the drink and serve.


"Klosterelixier" - Herbal Liqueur:

This variety of herbal liqueur from our house is one of the fine semi-bitter monastery-style spirits, made without artificial flavors and colorings. Thanks to the gentle distillation with additional herbs in the aroma basket and the use of a colored malt, a mild herbal schnapps with fine aromas and a pleasant malty note is created.

Alcohol content: 35.0% vol.

"Klosterelixier" herbal liqueur can also be ordered individually here

"Schmiedegold" - High-percentage herbal liqueur:

With its strong bloodroot note, the high-proof herbal schnapps Schmiedegold is probably the most popular of our herbal liqueurs. The basic ingredient bloodroot gives the liqueur its typical red-golden color.

Alcohol content: 52.0% vol.

"Schmiedegold" High-percentage herbal liqueur buy here individually

"Striegi" - Herbal Liqueur:

Striegi refers to our regional herbal liqueur, made from 14 different herbs, roots and spices. The ingredients used are mostly fresh from our own herb garden. The gentle distillation produces a mild and fine herbal liqueur

Alcohol content: 38,0% Vol.

Buy "Striegi" herbal liqueur separately here

All spirits, liqueurs and coffees from Eric Brabant you will find here in the Rose Valley Shop

Location: Striegistal
Country: Germany
Content: 1,5 Liter
Content per individual product: 500ml
Manufacturer: Rose Valley
Drink type: Liqueur
Food companies: Feinbrand Manufacture Eric Brabant, Rosentalstr. 17, 09661 Striegistal OT Marbach

Rose Valley

Fine brandies from the Striegistal - Welcome to the Feinbrandmanufaktur Eric Brabant The quality of our products is very important to us. Therefore we use only the best, mainly regional, raw materials. All products are manufactured without artificial flavorings and additives. Pure nature, that is our principle. The combination of the best raw materials, love for the craft, and the necessary portion of patience make the enjoyment of noble distillates and varietal aromas an unforgettable experience.

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