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The ultimate set from FREYTAG Liqueurs & Spirits (1x Gin + 1x Hibiscus Liqueur + 1x Botanical Infused Korn + 1x 3 Korn Brandy + 1x Cinnamon Liqueur)


All drinks from FREYTAG Liqueurs & Spirits in one set

48,00 (€96,00 per l)
Including tax 53,00 You save: €5,00 (9%)
Contents: 0,5l
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Herkunft Berlin, Germany

More information about The ultimate set from FREYTAG Liqueurs & Spirits

You will find all 5 spirits and liqueurs in this set! In a practical tasting size of 0.1 liters, you have the right amount to try out and enjoy the finest creations by Markus Freytag from Berlin.

The package contains the following products in detail:

Concrete Jungle Gin:

Style: London Dry Gin
Taste: very smooth, slightly sweet, strong juniper, pepper, coriander
Alcohol content: 47% vol.

Buy Concrete Jungle Gin individually

3 grain brandy:

Style: Korn
Taste: soft, spicy, slightly caramel notes
Alcohol content: 43% vol.

Order 3 Korn Brandy here


Style: Cinnamon liqueur
Taste: very smooth, mild, intense natural cinnamon flavor, very smooth finish, lingering on the palate
Alcohol content: 22% vol.

Buy Zimtzitze

13 Drunken Botanicals:

Style: Infused grain
Taste: light natural sweetness, lemony, floral, grassy, very mild finish, lavender and cardamom remain
Alcohol content: 40% vol.

Buy 13 Drunken Botanicals

Hibiscus flower elixir:

Style: Hibiscus liqueur
Taste: intense, fruity, slightly tart, acidic, reminiscent of blackcurrant, sloe and port wine
Alcohol content: 23% vol.

Order hibiscus blossom elixir

Location: Berlin
Country: Germany
Base alcohol: Fine crystal grain brandy
Content per individual product: 100ml
Contents: 0,5 Liter
Manufacturer: FREYTAG Liqueurs & Spirits
Drink type: Spirit
Food companies: FREYTAG Liqueurs & Spirits, Corinthstraße 28, 10245 Berlin

FREYTAG Liqueurs & Spirits

With heart and commitment we produce since 2012 in Berlin spirits that meet our principles and bring pleasure, but not at the expense of quality or others. We want to create spirits that do not come from a commercial and large corporation, but are simply good and homemade and without investors and partners, created from our own strength. We produce our spirits without trickery and artificial ingredients, honestly, by hand in small batches, as sustainable as possible, without compromise with the highest standards of quality for ingredients and raw materials. We use mainly organically grown spices, herbs and flowers, regional honey and alcohol from a traditional grain distillery from the Münsterland with centuries of experience. In our small manufactory at Ostkreuz we produce a cinnamon liqueur, hibiscus liqueur, our first high-proof spirit 13 DRUNKEN BOTANICALS and our CONCRETE JUNGLE...

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