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Surprise carton M (12 x 0.33 l various craft beers)



20,00 (€5,05 per l) + 0,96€ Bottle deposit
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Contents: 3,96l
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Herkunft Bavaria, Germany

More information about Surprise carton M

Can't make up your mind? Then let yourself be surprised! With the surprise box S from the Bierothek, you get 12 different craft beers from different breweries. Always different, always delicious.


12 bottles of 0.33 l each

Craft beers from the following breweries may be included:

And Union

Analog beer in a digital world - that's what the young AND UNION brand stands for. In our fast-moving world, things that last and last are slowly being lost. One trend chases the next and innovation seems to be the only thing that counts. The AND UNION label counters this development with rationality, purism, simplicity and the honest expression of natural raw materials.

Click here for the And Union range

Brewery Faust

Luckily, the Faust family doesn't quite live up to its motto "Faust. That stays between us" is not taken quite so seriously. Otherwise, only the people of Miltenberg would be able to benefit from the fine beer from Brauhaus Faust. The region is close to the Faust family's heart. This is not only reflected in their great commitment to local clubs, Franconian culture and social institutions in the region. The ingredients for the first-class beer also come from Franconian farmers and suppliers.

Click here to see the range from Brauhaus Faust


What is pronounced Berlo is the origin of the current name of the state capital and a word that very few of us associate with anything. This was precisely the reason why Katharina, Christian and Michael chose this name. BRLO is unoccupied by ideas and images - at least until you try one of BRLO's excellent beers. From then on, the sound of the word alone will conjure up wonderful images of cool beer, memories of hoppy escapades and a great thirst for beer.

Click here for the BRLO range

Hanscraft & Co.

What do teeth and beer have in common? Christian! Christian Hans Müller, the mind and heart behind Hanscraft & Co. is not actually a brewer but a dentist. At least he used to be, because he is now a full-blooded brewer. Beer in a club is nothing new, but beer in a fine restaurant is. In addition to the club world, Christian would also like to conquer the upscale temples of enjoyment with Hanscraft & Co. As a passionate beer drinker and connoisseur, Christian wants to make beers that can be enjoyed not only with a grilled steak but also with a fillet in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Refined, multi-layered beers with high standards and quality - that is the goal. That, and beers that you can drink at the disco. Gone are the days when you worked on your hangover for the next day while dancing with bad beer, now there's Hanscraft & Co.

Click here for the Hanscraft & Co. range


Axel Kiesbye is not just a brewer, he is an institution in the beer business. The master brewer not only brews beer, he lives it. It seems as if his mission in life is to spread the word about beer around the world. For years, the Austrian by choice has put his heart and soul into promoting the appreciation of beer and has already launched numerous beer-related projects. He also brews beer on the side. Axel Kiesbye is our beer superman!

You can access Kiesbye's range here

Maisel & Friends

If you drink craft beer, you've probably come across this name before. Hardly anyone in the scene is as experimental, open and unbiased as Jeff Maisel, the man behind Maisel & Friends. This must be due to his origins, because Jeff is half American and Californian beach boy through and through: always in a good mood, ultra likeable and on first-name terms with everyone. Jeff is the dazzling center of his own brewery and the initiator behind numerous collaboration brews.

Click here for the Maisel & Friends range

Orca Brau

The head, heart and hand behind the "Orca Brau" company is Felix vom Endt. The young, wild brewer had a rather unusual start in the illustrious world of beer. Like all his fellow brewers, Felix has always enjoyed drinking beer. Unlike the others, however, he not only drank it, but also wrote about it. Felix founded one of the first beer blogs in Germany and tested his way through the range on German beer shelves with wit and thirst. At some point, his professional interest in drinking led him to start his first attempts at the kettle. The future brewer's first creations were made at home at the stove. Via a circuitous route, he ended up in the hallowed halls of the Heidenpeters brewery. There he learned everything there is to know about the craft of brewing and the management of a brewery, and also inherited the old brewing system.

You can access the Orca Brau range here

Snowy Owl

Berliner Weisse is Ulrike Genz's favorite beer and the reason why she started brewing in the first place. As a Berliner, it was and is important to her to give good, traditional beer back to her home city. She has built up the Schneeeule label with a lot of passion and craftsmanship and brews wonderfully refreshing beer and fine creations such as the Schampus Weiß Vintage, which was created in cooperation with the Bayerischer Bahnhof and Freigeist Bierkultur.

Click here for the Schneeeule range

Schoppe Bräu

Behind the simple name lies a true avant-gardist: Thorsten Schoppe caused a sensation in the beer world years ago and practically helped to launch the craft beer movement. The inspired brewer was fed up with large-scale brewing at some point and returned to his artisanal roots and the original art of brewing. Kettles instead of computers was the motto that ultimately led to Thorsten starting his own thing. Since then, the humorous motto "hops, malt and lard" has been the perfect description of the small-scale production.

You can access the Schoppe Bräu range here

Steamworks Brewing Co.

When the grandfather moved from Austria to Canada in the 1930s and his sister stayed behind in Vienna, they had no idea that their two grandsons would one day enter the beer business. It took another two generations for the Austrian-Canadian family of musicians to produce a brewer: Eli, who discovered his love of beer during his trip to Europe and quickly learned the brewing trade, bought the Gastown Brewpub. The venerable building housed a real treasure: a steam heating system. The technique of steam brewing dates back to the pioneering days and was rarely practiced at the end of the 20th century. Eli showed a spirit of discovery and revived a long-forgotten tradition. Canada's first steam brewery was born and the brewing could begin!

Click here for the Steamworks Brewing range

Stone Brewing

Steve Wagner, Stone Brewing's very first brewmaster, gained his first brewing experience in his own kitchen and it was a twist of fate when he met Greg Koch in 1989. The two beer aficionados drank countless bottles of beer together and made wild plans. One of these plans, to set up their own brewery, persisted.

Steve and Greg had planned a revolution: Their aim was to free America from the shackles of industrially brewed mass beers - to move away from standard beers and turn to beery works of art from creative minds and courageous craft brewers. In 1996, the time had come and Stone Brewing sold its first keg of its own production. With this step, the two brewers are not only regarded as legends in the craft beer scene, but also as the forefathers of the global craft beer movement. The two avant-gardists took the beer market by storm: their provocative creations such as Arrogant Bastard and Ripper were soon known far beyond the borders of the American continent. No wonder, as there were hardly any such hop-intensive, masterfully brewed and unique beers at the time. Greg and Steve challenged the industrial beer autocrat and overran it with a flood of creative, outstanding craft beers.

You can access the Stone Brewing range here

Überquell breweries

Beer is the great passion of the team behind ÜberQuell - you can see and taste it!

The far north is known for many things: delicious fish sandwiches, the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, seagulls and its dry sense of humor. But now Hamburg has a new attraction: the small, creative microbrewery ÜberQuell Brauwerkstätten has been located in St. Pauli since 2017. With handmade beer by real people for real people, pizza from the stone oven and a lot of passion, the makers have been attracting countless beer fans ever since.

You can find the Überquell Brauwerkstätten range here

Location: Bamberg
Country: Germany
Content per individual product: 0,33 liters
Contents: 3,96 Liter
Manufacturer: Bierothek
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: Bierothek® GmbH, Christian Klemenz, Hafenstraße 13, D-96052 Bamberg, Germany


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