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Hanscraft & Co. Black Nice Imperial Stout


The malt bomb among motor oils

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Contents: 0,33l
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caramel, tart dark chocolate, dark fruit, fiery whiskey, hint of vanilla
Bitterwert (IBU) 35
Herkunft Bavaria, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 9% vol.

More information about Hanscraft & Co. Black Nice Imperial Stout

Black Nizza from Hanscraft & Co. is also affectionately known as Motor Øl. This is partly due to the fantastic, deep black color and partly due to the almost oily, wonderfully dense and rich consistency of the imperial stout.

Black Nizza Motor Øl is brewed with an incredible ten different types of malt and can justifiably be described as a true malt bomb. The Imperial Stout is already a full-bodied, strong beer in itself, but the brewers at Hanscraft have gone one better. The result is a highly aromatic black beer with plenty of character and a decent 10.0% alcohol content.

The Imperial Stout from Hanscraft flows into the glass in an opaque raven black and shows its impressive viscosity as soon as it is poured. A fine-pored, hazelnut-brown foam crowns the mahogany-colored beer and exudes a wonderfully strong aroma of dark roasted malt. Notes of whiskey-soaked oak, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate and spicy liquorice join the roasted malt to make Black Nice an olfactory delight. After this impressive start, the first taste does not disappoint: a bed of soft, caramelly roasted malt covers the palate and tongue and sets the stage for a true explosion of flavor. Turkish mocha combines with tart dark chocolate and sweet sour cherries to create an irresistible blend. Dark fruits, fiery whiskey and a hint of vanilla round off the interplay of aromas. The finish is dry and warms from the tongue down to the palate.


Location: Aschaffenburg
Country: Germany
Fits: fresh salad with nuts, pesto, gorgonzola and chilli, roast with goat cheese and roast potatoes or chocolate desserts
Contents: 0,33 Liter
Smell: Dark roasted malt, notes of whiskey-soaked oak, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate and licorice.
Manufacturer: Hanscraft & Co.
Grain and malt varieties: Barley, Oats, Rye, Wheat
Gravity: 22°P
Color: black
Optimal drinking temperature: 6-8 °C
Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat malt, rye malt, oat malt, hops, yeast
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: HANSCRAFT & CO. GmbH, Alpenstr. 3a, 63811 Stockstadt am Main, Germany

Hanscraft & Co.

What do teeth and beer have in common? Christian! Christian Hans Müller, the head and heart behind Hanscraft & Co. is not actually a brewer, but a dentist. At least he used to be, because now he is a full-blooded brewer. Concept beer Beer in the club is nothing new, but beer in a fine restaurant is. In addition to the club world, Christian also wants to conquer the upscale temples of pleasure with Hanscraft & Co. As a passionate beer drinker and connoisseur, Christian wants to make beers that can be enjoyed not only with steak from the grill but also with filet in a starred restaurant. Refined, multi-layered beers with ambition and of quality, that is the goal. That, and beers you can drink at the disco. Gone are the days when you worked on the hangover for the next day while dancing with bad beer, now there is Hanscraft & Co! But Christian does not only brew excellent beer, he also...

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