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Portrait of the Marder family distillery

by Anastasia Hartleib
Marder Edelbrände im Portrait

High-quality spirits that capture the flavors of the region - that is Marder Edelbrände. Based in the tranquil town of Albbruck, situated between the Upper Rhine and the Black Forest, the company has been distilling for three generations - and with passion.

Stefan Marder is this third generation. While grandfather Otto and father Edmund ran the distillery more as a hobby, Stefan took the plunge - and became the family's first full-time distiller in 2009.

Buying Marder brandies:

But - and this is important for him to emphasize - without the two trailblazers, it would hardly have come to this: "I can draw on a wealth of experience. A lot of things have already been tried out, many processes are sophisticated and precisely tailored to us. I also have equipment at my disposal that has been specially made for our needs. At the same time, I also have the backing to test new, creative products - which may not necessarily be immediately successful."

Regional ingredients for high-quality spirits

Craftsmanship and freedom for creative processes. The foundation for outstanding products has therefore been laid at Marder Edelbrände. In addition, there is another point that completes the trinity for really good spirits: high-quality ingredients.

Stefan Marder mit Vater Edmund am Brennkessel
Stefan Marder with his father Edmund at the still

Most of these come directly from the region - or even from the company's own orchard. "My grandfather almost exclusively used fruit from his own orchard. However, my father started to source the fruit from elsewhere. The reason was and is quality. We can't grow the same quality here as in the Markgräflerland or Kaiserstuhl regions, for example, from where we source some ingredients. However, as both areas are only 40 to 60 km away from us, we can still produce regionally. A lot of our fruit also comes from the home gardens of private customers. This also allows us to source old varieties of fruit that are particularly aromatic."

Where possible, the ingredients are also certified organic. However, the most important thing when choosing ingredients is the degree of ripeness and the aroma, says the distiller. Regionality helps enormously, because: The shorter the delivery routes between the field and processing, the longer the fruit can ripen on the tree and have time to develop lots of aromatic substances. Then there is no need for artificial additives to add flavor to the distillate, as you can see and taste at Marder Edelbrände: "Our products are 100% natural. No added flavors or sugar or anything else. We are always told that our spirits are particularly round and harmonious," says Stefan Marder.

"Our motto: nothing goes in that doesn't belong in"

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to processing the fruit either. "We still do everything ourselves here. Either by me personally, with the support of my father, or by the 4th generation, who are already in the starting blocks. So I can rely 100% on everything being done with the necessary time and care. The same applies here: nothing goes in that doesn't belong in," says the distiller.

Marder Edelbrände destilliert mit regionalen Zutaten. Auch der Marder Erdbeerlikör stammt aus der Region
Marder Edelbrände is distilled with regional ingredients. The Marder strawberry liqueur also comes from the region

In addition to the constantly increasing quality of the spirits, there is also a wider range. "We have a much greater variety of products today. We can and must react more quickly to trends." Marder Edelbrände offers pretty much everything a spirit lover's heart desires. From aromatic whisky creations to gin and vodka, to exciting fruit, nut and herb distillates. Classic fruit brandies stand alongside regional specialties such as Black Forest cherry brandy, Zibärtle or Kornelkirsch brandy.

Of course, Marder still looks beyond its geographical borders. There are also aromatic citrus brandies with Mediterranean fruits and the finest rum with molasses from Paraguay. Stefan Marder is particularly proud of his stone fruit creations: "I'm simply a big fan of stone fruit distillates. The sour cherry or our wood barrel-aged plum are real highlights for me. In summer, however, I also like to enjoy our mandarin spirit. With tonic on ice, it's simply a wonderfully refreshing long drink."


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