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No 550 German chocolate mint - spirit

74,90 (€214,00 per l)
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Content: 0,35l
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Delivery to Germany: 6,90
Free delivery from: 49,00
Shipping time: 3-5 working days (usually sent within 28 h.)
Geschmack Reminiscent of After Eight tablet
Herkunft Berlin, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 42% vol.

More information about No 550 German chocolate mint

There are so many mints around the world that even in the 9th century it was said that if you wanted to name all the species, you might as well know how many fish swim in the Red Sea. Therefore, we simplify the topic by only looking at peppermint. Its leaves have long been used by mankind for various ailments, including as an antispasmodic.

The name of peppermint refers to a certain sharpness, which is due to the high content of menthol. Together with the other components of the essential oil, it produces a penetrating, characteristic, pleasantly aromatic odor and an equally pleasant, aromatic, camphor-like taste that is initially burning and then leaves a lingering coolness.

This can be perceived similarly in chocolate mint, which already looks very much like chocolate visually with its black-brown leaf stalks. However, the slightly different composition of the essential oil adds chocolate-like aromas, so that the overall impression of this spirit is reminiscent of the famous After-Eight bars. From there it is excellently suitable to everything sweet (absolutely try with ice cream!), to the refinement of meat (game!) and fish dishes and naturally and of course in cocktails. Our favorite variant is simply pure in the glass!

Location: Berlin
Country: Germany
Content: 0,35 Liter
Manufacturer: German Spirits Manufactory
Drink type: Spirit
Food companies: DSM Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur GmbH, Georg-Knorr-Str. 4, 12681 Berlin, Germany

German Spirits Manufactory

Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur develops and produces premium spirits in small batches and 100% handmade: from the processing of raw materials, maceration and mashing and careful distillation to packaging - everything is done purely by hand. "Made in Berlin" is a promise for us and not an empty phrase, because all of this takes place at the production site with an attached showroom in the middle of Berlin in a spacious, landmarked brick building, where we also conduct tours, workshops and individual company events. With our passion for developing completely new recipes, for the craft of distilling, for unique, innovative products and for uncompromising quality, we consistently pursue our goal of creating outstanding spirits. Quality is no coincidence, but carefully planned: hand-picked, high-quality and natural raw materials, distillation on the best copper stills currently...

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