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6.000 independent products

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Gift of the Gods #2 - 20x Craft Beer from Beer of the Gods
44,99 (€6,82 per l) 48,58
Rose Valley Gin Taste Box
42,00 (€70,00 per l)
57,90 (€57,90 per l) 67,40
Three Kings - 3x Craft Spirits (1x Marder Gin + 1x Marder Vodka + 1x Marder Rum)
0€ shipping
101,50 (€67,67 per l)
Maximum palatability - 20x craft beer from Braumanufaktur Hertl (10x Mutti's Sonnenschein Helles + 10x Opas Liebling Kellerbier)
27,90 (€2,79 per l) 29,90
Fessler Mühle Traditional Package - 1x Craft Gin and 1x Craft Whisky (1x mettermalt® Whisky classic + 1x alwa® mettermalt® Gin)
0€ shipping
69,80 (€69,80 per l)
Freytagsgenuss - 3x Craft Spirits and Liqueur (1x Cinnamon Liqueur + 1x Botanical Infused Grain + 1x Hibiscus Liqueur)
0€ shipping
82,00 (€54,67 per l) 87,70
Myth in a bottle - 2x Craft Gin (1x Roshain Siebengebirge Dry Gin + 1x Roshain Siebengebirge Sloe Gin)
0€ shipping
57,44 (€57,44 per l) 71,80
52,80 (€58,67 per l) 59,80
39,99 (€31,99 per l) 44,99
39,99 (€31,99 per l) 44,99

Experience unique tastings from the comfort of your own home

Discover the world of craft beverages from the comfort of your living room. With a selection of unique wines, spirits and beers, our online marketplace offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy your tasting experience at home. Of course, the popularity of gin is unbroken. More and more tastings are therefore specifically for and about gin - so it's not unlikely that's why you and you're here. But even if you want to taste your way through coffee, whisky or non-alcoholic spirits, you've come to the right place.

Exclusive selection of wines and spirits

Prepare yourself for a taste journey you won't forget. We have a careful selection of products that come from small, independent producers and have a story to tell.

Every purchase from us means you're supporting the work of passionate producers. Enjoy their creations and discover what's special about each drop.

Choose your favorites from our range and we'll deliver them straight to your door. Ideal for a cozy tasting alone, with friends or family. Explore new flavors and enjoy a variety that will turn your home into a place of discovery. Every tasting will be an unforgettable experience.

Ready for your next tasting at home?

Discover our diverse range now and start your own tasting experience. If you have any questions or requests, you can contact us directly at any time. If you are a larger group or are inquiring for a company, please let us know by email or phone so that we can make special offers for you.