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Wrapping bottles as gifts - 7 tips

by Anastasia Hartleib
Flaschen als Geschenk verpacken - 7 Tipps

We've all been there: you've chosen a fine wine for your loved ones at Christmas, but wrapped in wrapping paper, no matter how high-quality the bottle, it still looks a bit of a disaster. For all those who don't want to resort to store-bought packaging, we have tips on how to wrap your bottle-shaped gift attractively.

1. wrap the bottle with cloth - Furoshiki

Furoshiki, also Geschenke in wiederverwendbaren Stofftüchern zu verpacken, liegt im Trend!
Furoshiki, i.e. wrapping gifts in reusable cloth, is the latest trend!

Wrapping bottles without ugly creases around the neck! The trend of wrapping gifts in cloth cloths comes from Japan and is called furoshiki. These decorative cloths are now increasingly available to buy in decoration and craft stores - but you can also use leftover fabric, discarded scarves or tea towels. With the right folding technique, any cloth can be turned into decorative gift packaging that also protects your bottle during transportation - and can ideally be reused.

Incidentally, the bottle packaging is called bin tsutsumi in Japanese and is available in a wide variety of designs. In this video, for example, Japan Airlines shows a particularly
decorative instructions.

Getränke zum Verschenken - jetzt schnell & einfach finden

But even without elaborate folding instructions, you can enhance your bottle gift with fabric cloths. Simply wrap the fabric around the bottle as you wish, fasten it with ribbon and drape and tighten the creases and folds as desired. That's it!

Gift-wrapping bottles with ribbons

Whether with decorative bows or fully wrapped - the flexibility of gift ribbons makes them ideal for wrapping bottles as presents. Wide wire ribbons, which are often printed with seasonal motifs, can be used to wrap bottles completely. Thanks to the wire reinforcement at the edges, the fabric ribbons retain their shape and are therefore ideal for wrapping bottles. For example in this version:

  1. Measure 2 wire straps that are twice as long as the bottles and have at least 10-15 cm extra protruding (depending on how thick the bottle to be wrapped is)
  2. Attach double-sided adhesive tape to the bottom of the bottle and stick one of the wire straps in the middle from below. Then attach more adhesive tape to the underside of the attached wire band and stick the other wire band in place so that the bands extend from the bottom of the bottle in a criss-cross pattern ("in all four directions").
  3. Fold the ribbons tightly upwards and tie them together above the neck of the bottle with conventional ribbon.
  4. Shape the excess ribbon into loops - with the ends pointing inwards - and arrange in a fan shape. Twist or knot the ends together in the middle so that they are no longer visible.
  5. Finally, wrap the bottle again decoratively with a conventional ribbon.

But you can also decoratively spice up your bottle-shaped gift with conventional gift ribbons alone. You can use several ribbons of different colors and widths to tie bows around the neck of the bottle.

If you prefer something simpler, you can also simply tie a homemade card to the bow. Simply cut cardboard or sturdy paper to size, punch a hole around the edge and write your Christmas or birthday greeting on it. That's it!

Have you just realized that you don't really feel like wrapping bottles? Then simply give a gift voucher as a present! Buy & print your Honest & Rare voucher for high-quality drinks now

Enhance bottles with flowers & twigs

Mit Zweigen, Blumen oder Gewürzen kannst du jede Flasche saisonal passend aufhübschen!
With twigs, flowers or spices, you can spruce up any bottle to suit the season!

Whether flowers in summer or fir branches and cinnamon sticks in winter - plants enhance every gift! Whether your natural decoration dangles from the neck of the bottle individually or in a bouquet depends on your personal taste. It doesn't matter which flowers, plants, twigs or even spices you use - you decide what looks good! Only with flowers does it make sense to use dried plants so that they don't wilt too quickly.

Wrapping the pineapple bottle with sweets

This packaging option is not only quick and easy, but also looks great and is ideal for those with a sweet tooth. You will need

  • a sheet of paper
  • enough Ferrero Rocher (also works with other sweets that can be individually attached to the bottle)
  • green paper
  • Hot glue gun or adhesive tape
  • string (optional)

First, wrap the sheet of paper around the bottle and attach it with a strip of adhesive tape. This will prevent the label from being damaged. Then stick the Rocher balls in a circle, starting at the bottom. To hide the neck of the bottle, cut the green paper into tapered strips and attach these to the neck of the bottle. To hide the transition between the Rocher balls and the leaves, you can wrap some string around it. A delicious and fun gift wrap for your bottle is ready!

Christmas gifts with and without alcohol that don't need any wrapping at all:

Wrap the bottle properly with wrapping paper

Of course, you can also wrap the fine drop you want to give as a gift in conventional wrapping paper. LIBRO Austria, for example, has a decorative and simple wrapping idea for you.