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City guide: Craft beer breweries in Hamburg

by Yascha Roshani
Craft Beer Brauereien in Hamburg

In our city guide series, we put together special beverage manufactories in German cities for you. This way, you can find the tastiest drops in a city and enjoy them regionally. We start our series with craft beer.

Missing someone in the list? Just write to us at [email protected] and we'll update it as soon as possible.

Wildwuchs Brauwerk Hamburg

Why the name Wildwuchs?

We love to reinterpret old beer styles - and all in organic quality. We bring some urban wild growth to your home, so to speak.

What connects you to Hamburg?

We are Hamburg boys and girls, we grew up here and have our brewery in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

The beers from Wildwuchs Brauwerk

Our Fastmoker Pils, Bock Orange, Schlankes Lager, Mucki Hop IPA, Wachmoker Coffee Ale, Große Freiheit (non-alcoholic Best Bitter Ale)

Opening hours and availability

We are a small but tangible brewery with a taproom, so you can just drop by (Fri 4pm-2pm, Sat 1pm-2pm, Sun 1pm-6pm). Factory outlet takes place every Friday from 10 am. Dates for brewery tours, tastings and brewing courses can be found on our website.

Gröninger Private Brewery Hamburg

You are one of the oldest breweries in Hamburg. How do you perceive the development of the many new microbreweries in Hamburg?

We see the many new breweries that have sprung up in Hamburg in recent years as a fantastic addition to the city's beer culture. Each of these breweries is characterized by its own philosophy and therefore appeals to its own customer base. That's why all these breweries don't see themselves as competitors in the direct sense, but rather as the Hamburg beer market as a whole.

What is special about your beers?

The special thing about our beers is that we concentrate primarily on traditional beer styles, but try to bring them into the new era with modern ingredients such as new hop varieties and yeast strains. Furthermore, our beers are characterized by a pleasant and not overloaded taste, which is why you still want more after the second or third one.

The beers of the Gröninger private brewery

We have two permanent varieties in our range: our Gröninger Pils and the Hanseaten Weisse. There are also a few seasonal beers throughout the year, such as a Maibock in spring, festival beer at Oktoberfest and Christmas beer at Advent.

Opening hours and accessibility

Our beers are available fresh from the tank at the Gröninger private brewery or as a wooden barrel for tapping by hand at the table. If you are thirsty at home, you can also take our beer home in 1-liter and 2-liter bottles or in 5-liter party kegs.

You can find us at Willy-Brandt-Straße 47, just a 5-minute walk from Hamburg's Rathausmarkt. Tue-Sat 16-23 o'clock

Bunthaus Brewery

What is your brewing philosophy?

Our brewing philosophy is that we always want to implement new ideas and brew the most creative beers possible with natural ingredients. In addition to classic beers, we have also worked a lot with spontaneous fermentation and wild yeasts. However, our ideas are often polarizing - that's particularly fun.

To what extent does it help to have a qualified biologist on the brewing team?

It definitely helps that Jens has a very good understanding of microbiological relationships, which helps with the development of spontaneously fermented and wild beers in particular. But the self-evidence and the basics for hygienic work also help time and again.

The beers from Bunthaus

All our beers are available fresh from the barrel in our taproom. We currently only have our Hopfengestopftes Pils and the Whiskey Sour Set (Buddelship Collaboration) in bottles. Otherwise, we have focused more on our taproom, where we serve all our beers on tap. That's where we also have the wacky beers on tap, e.g. a beet wild ale, a sour with elderberry or a barrel-aged imperial stout.

Opening hours and availability

Our taproom is open every Thursday and Friday from 18:00 to 0:00. There are regular events, always something to eat and 9 taps with changing beers.

Bunthaus taproom
Kurdamm 24
21107 Hamburg

Landgang Brewery

You have already won many international awards. Do you have a specific process for developing new recipes or are they always just flashes of inspiration?

Yes, we've won around 20 prizes in the last few years. We try to balance the beers between special and drinkable for a wide range of beer lovers. It's easy to brew something very special and then overwhelm the vast majority of consumers because it's extremely bitter, sour or sweet. But good drinkability is harder to achieve.

We make beers for people who ultimately enjoy drinking beer, without making it their life's work. That's what sets us apart. That's why we've also involved our customers in the development of new beers and regularly hold prototype tastings where we ask our customers which of the developments we should pursue further. This has protected us from many a bitter disappointment.

What do you have in common with Hamburg?

Well, the fact that we have a brewery in the middle of the city. Since Holsten/Carlsberg moved to the countryside, we've even become the second-largest brewery in the city. It happened pretty quickly. Otherwise I'm a surfer, so it's nice to live close to the water. It's also a cosmopolitan city with a lot of flair and plenty of potential for better weather. It's fun to live here.

The beers from the Landgang brewery

Landgang (Pils), Helle Aufregung (Czech Helles / Lager), Amerikanischer Traum (India Pale Ale), Weizheit (Weizen India Pale Ale), Dunkle Macht (Smoked Porter), Der Kapitän (non-alcoholic Pale Ale) and many other specialties.

Opening hours and availability

We open the bar on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 12 noon. There are 10 Landgang beers.

We regularly offer guided tours, craft beer seminars and brewing courses, which can be booked on our website: www.landgang-brauerei.de. We also organize all kinds of events, which are published on our Facebook page and Instagram

Landgang Brewery
Beerenweg 12
22761 Hamburg

Buddelship Brewery

With your beers, you want to bring the former "brewery of the Hanseatic League" back to life. How is the local beer scene in Hamburg developing?

That is indeed our goal. In 2014, we were the first in Hamburg with our own brewery and complete bottling on site. A lot has happened since then and the beer scene in Hamburg has become much bigger and more colorful - especially the proportion of breweries that actually produce their own beer, but also the number of craft beer bars. Considering the difficult conditions, this is really excellent. And I think that if the "normal" restaurant trade in Hamburg could open up to local beer at some point, then that would be THE decisive step towards really bringing things to life.

What is special about your beers?

Honest work, tradition and creativity all in one, not so much fancy frills.

Why the name Buddelship?

Because it fits. Hamburg, harbor, beer, at home here and in the world.

The beers from Buddelship

Our range changes at regular intervals. However, our standards include our Pilsner & IPLs, in which we work with different hop combinations. But we also have more unusual creations, such as a Cherry Wood Lager or the Lost Horizon Lambic

Opening hours and accessibility

Our tabroom in the Oorlam Bar is open Tue-Fri from 4pm and on weekends even from 3pm.
Kohlhöfen 29
20355 Hamburg

Joh. Albrecht Brewery

You have several pubs in Germany. What exactly is your concept?

Joh. Albrecht has a total of five pubs in Germany (Hamburg, Soltau, Bielefeld, Düsseldorf and Constance). We have been represented in Hamburg since 1991. Our concept is "home-brewed beers with fine Mama cuisine".

What is special about your beer?

The two standard beers that have been successful since 1991 are "Messing" & "Kupfer". Both are bottom-fermented and unfiltered beers based on the Pilsener brewing style. The brass is light and slightly bitter, the copper is dark and slightly maltier.

The beers from Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht

Copper, brass, plus a craft beer with corresponding hop specialties, seasonal wheat beer, Christmas bock and other seasonal specialties. We are also part of the Hamburg Senatsbock group.

Opening hours and accessibility

The brewery in Hamburg is currently being renovated and will be closed until 2024. Website: www.brauhaus-joh-albrecht.de
Joh. Albrecht Brewery
Adolpsbrücke 7
20457 Hamburg

AboutQuell Brauwerkstätten

You are a brewpub, microbrewery, restaurant with terrace and event location - which came first?

It actually all came at the same time. The gastronomy in the Riverkasematten is divided into three areas: the BrewPub, the restaurant area with pizza oven & kitchen and the terrace for urban gardening areas, events and lots of sunshine. Ok, in Hamburg with a little rain from time to time.

Beer plays first fiddle in the BrewPub. Both our own varieties and our favorite beers from friends bubble out of around 30 taps or lots of bottles. More is not possible! Or is it...? Because at high tables, in seating niches or on the terrace with this unbelievably great view of the courtyard and harbor, it's easy to forget time and space (but not the next round, please).

What makes your beers special?

Five beers are brewed at ÜberQuell. Each one different, each one special. And as if that wasn't beer enough, we do it like our neighbor Aale Dieter from the fish market and pack not one, but several limited edition beers - every month! So we easily brew 17 beers a year.

The Überquell Brauwerkstätten beers

As standard, we have the Original, a drinkable Bavarian Helles, the Lieblings Imperial Lager with a grassy hop kick and high drinkability, the Palim Palim Pale Ale with orange and toffee notes, the Supadupa IPA with exotic fruit notes and crisp bitterness and last but not least Pille Palle, our non-alcoholic Pale Ale.

Opening hours and accessibility

We are located in the historic Riverkasematten on the other side of the street from Hamburg's fish market. Anyone who wants to know how a brewing plant works, what goes on in a brewing plant and why our beer tastes the way it does is invited to find out all about it. During our brewery tour, which is something to see and - you guessed it - taste. Because beer tasting is included, along with knowledge from the barrel!

We will be happy to discuss your preferred day individually, just write to us! Duration: approx. 45-60 minutes. Beer tasting per person 3x 0.1 liter. Costs 17,90€ per person.

Our current opening hours:
Mon-Thu from 17:00 & Fri-Sun from 13:00
Cuisine: All week from 5pm to 2pm, at weekends from 2pm
St. Pauli Fischmarkt 28-32
20359 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 334421260
Mail: [email protected]

By the way: You can also get Überquell beers in our store. To the Überquell range

Kehrwieder creative brewery

With Kehrwieder, you want to bring beer diversity back to Hamburg. How strong is the American influence in your beers?

At best 50%. The basic inspiration came from our work in the US craft beer market, but also the inspiration to reinterpret old, traditional European beer styles. Our very first beer, the prototype, was a hop-infused version of the classic German pale lager and thus the first of its kind in Germany. Our ü.NN IPA non-alcoholic is even one of the first alcohol-free creative beers (or craft beers for that matter) in the world and now the first US brewers are already asking how to do it.

What is special about your beers?

We try to get people excited about beer. A good beer is characterized by the fact that it surprises positively, remains in your memory and you want to drink a second one. We have a very broad portfolio for this: In addition to our seven permanent varieties, we have 12 seasonals and rarities such as our Seaport series or the bourbon/rum/islay barrel-aged Imperial Stouts.

Our "standard" beers are characterized by their unique taste, without overwhelming the beginner or boring the beer geek. Some of the seasonals are a little more challenging and the rarities are not for the faint-hearted.

How do you think the German (craft) beer scene is developing?

Good in principle. The specialty beer segment as a whole (which certainly includes all the cellar beers etc.), and with it the interest in beers full of character, has broadened considerably.

The beers of the Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei

The classics Prototyp (cold-hopped lager), überNormalNull (non-alcoholic IPA), SHIPA (single hop India pale ale), Elbe (gose), Dominica (double dry hopped pale ale) and Road Runner (non-alcoholic coffee stout) are available all year round. Seasonal beers and rarities are also available at regular intervals.

Opening hours and accessibility

Our Ale & Lager sale takes place every Friday from 10 am to 6 pm. We always have beer in the fridge. Occasionally we also bring out the barbecue (more often in summer) and ring in the weekend. Anyone who comes to the ale & lager sale can spontaneously join us for sausage & beer.

Guided tours & tastings by prior arrangement only.

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