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And Union Sixpack (6x Craft Beer)


Monday is day of rest

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Content: 1,98l
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Herkunft Bavaria, Germany

More information about And Union Sixpack

Sometimes you taste a beer and are so excited about it that you want to try the entire range of the brewery responsible for it right away. This is what happened to us with the beers of the AND UNION label: The modern brand has an innovative concept from which excellent beers spring. From the beginning, AND UNION brewed together with already existing breweries. In this way, the clever minds not only avoided the expensive acquisition of their own brewing system, but also benefited from the many years of experience of their partners. Brewing is currently done in collaboration with four Bavarian family-owned breweries that have been in business for varying lengths of time and bring a cornucopia of brewing knowledge and craftsmanship to the table.

A beer has been dedicated to each day of the week (except for that darn Monday). Included are lagers, ales, wheats and a non-alcoholic - the right beer for every taste, every situation and almost every day of the week!

To all those who are now curious, we recommend the six-pack of AND UNION: The package contains all six creations of the exceptional brewery and helps you find your favorite AND UNION beer.


1x Tuesday - Non-alcoholic Wheat

Tuesday beer from AND UNION is a non-alcoholic wheat that scores with flavor instead of revolutions. The beer has been brewed with Bavarian craftsmanship and four types of hops. Perle, Select, Tradition and Mandarin not only originate from Bavaria, but also provide the typical character of the traditional Bavarian beer. Although the wheat beer is alcohol-free, it still presents us with the classic wheat notes.

Taste: creamy banana, strong malt notes, spicy yeast, citrus fruits.
Alcohol content: 0.5% vol.

1x Wednesday - Wheat

For the middle of the week, after the feather-light Tuesday, it can be a bit stronger: Wednesday is a Bavarian wheat brewed with traditional craftsmanship and a modern, minimalist recipe. Four hop varieties are in the wheat beer, providing a modern twist that beautifully complements the classic wheat notes.

Taste: creamy, smooth, fresh, malt notes, green banana, citrus, yeast.
Alcohol content: 5% vol.

1x Thursday - Dark Lager

In the series of excellent beers from AND UNION named after days of the week, there are two lagers: Thursday and Saturday. Both are distinguished by their excellent taste, the difference is in their complexity. While Saturday is a relaxed, fluffy lager, Thursday delights with depth, strong roasted character and its wonderful dark color.

Taste: oven-fresh bread, roasted hazelnuts, wild berries, citrus notes, bitter hops.
Alcohol content: 5% vol.

1x Friday - IPA

Friday is a hoppy American-style IPA with a Bavarian twist. The 6.5% strong beer is brewed with the hop varieties Chinook, Magnum and Simcoe and inspires not only with its wonderful color.

Taste: bitter, malty, slightly nutty, citrus fruits
Alcohol content: 6.5% vol.

1x Saturday - Lager

Saturday is an old-school lager: no frippery on the ingredients list, unfiltered and unpasteurized. Instead of fancy flavor experiments, there are only honest, down-to-earth flavors here, testifying to Bavarian brewing art and skillful minimalism.

Flavor: brioche fresh from the oven, fruity marmalade, white pepper, grassy hops
Alcohol content: 5% vol.

1x Sunday - Pale Ale

Sunday is an unfiltered Pale Ale produced by a Bavarian family brewery. The naturally cloudy beer specialty is brewed with aroma-intensive hop varieties Chinook, Magnum, Simcoe and Summit and delights with its citrus-fresh, tangy character.

Taste: blood orange, pine resin, citrus, fruity, herbaceous, bitter
Alcohol content: 5.5% vol.

Location: Munich
Country: Germany
Content: 1,98 Liter
Content per individual product: 0,33 liters
Manufacturer: And Union
Drink type: Beer
Food companies: AND UNION GmbH, Lindwurmstraße 114, DE-80337 Munich, Germany

And Union

Analog beer in a digital world - This is what the young brand AND UNION stands for. In our fast-paced world, things of permanence and duration are slowly being lost. One trend chases the next and innovation seems to be the only thing that still counts. The label AND UNION counteracts this development with rationality, purism, simplicity and the honest expression of natural raw materials. An international venture Long before Rui Esteves founded AND UNION, he was already involved in beer. With a degree in business psychology, he began his beery journey in South Africa, where he founded a beer label. However, he didn't take the conventional route: instead of investing in his own brewery with an expensive brewing system, bottling equipment and the like, the resourceful beer fan rented space from existing breweries right from the start. Because he valued the cooperation with local brewers...

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And Union

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