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Aphrodisiac drinks: info & tips for your perfect Valentine's Day

by Anastasia Hartleib
Valentinstag: Infos & Tipps rund um aphrodisierende Getränke

February is the month for lovers. Every year, couples and those who want to become couples use Valentine's Day to show their affection for each other and bring a little fun variety into their otherwise busy everyday lives. To create the right mood at the right time, there are other little helpers besides candlelight to ensure romance and sensuality: aphrodisiac drinks.

What exactly is an aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiacs are foods, substances or drinks that are said to have a libido-boosting effect. The term goes back to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sensual desire, who was also worshipped as the patron saint of procreation and sexuality. It is therefore not surprising that foods and drinks that are said to have a positive effect on pleasure were named after the deity.

Why do certain substances stimulate pleasure?

This is mainly due to their ingredients. Certain essential oils or substances stimulate the body's own cells in a way that is pleasant for us, for example by promoting blood circulation. Better blood circulation in our body leads to dilated blood vessels and open pores. This relaxes and makes the skin more sensitive to touch and stimulation, which in turn has a positive effect on pleasure. (You can find a list of beguiling foods here, among other places).

Getränke zum Verschenken - jetzt schnell & einfach finden

However, very few aphrodisiac drinks can be proven to have a direct effect on libido; rather, their side effects put you in the right mood. But which drinks provide more sensual and pleasurable experiences?

Aphrodisiac drinks: intoxicating alcohol

As you probably know from your own experience, drinks containing alcohol create a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. The ethanol contained in alcohol ensures the release of dopamine and the happiness-inducing endorphins. But be careful: Not all alcohol makes you want to have sex in the same way. These candidates are best suited here:

1. semi-sparkling & sparkling wines - now it's getting tingly

Aphrodisierende Getränke: Perl- & Schaumweine

Whether champagne, prosecco, sparkling wine or other frizzantes - the main thing is that it sparkles! The carbon dioxide contained in sparkling and semi-sparkling wines literally shoots the alcohol into the body and provides a quick feeling of intoxication. Touches feel more intense, the blood rushes through the body and leaves a warm, pleasant feeling. The perfect basis for intimate moments.

Tip: Garnish or serve your drinks with fresh fruit. Figs, grapes, strawberries, bananas or pomegranates, which are also known as love apples, are best suited for this. These fruits are also said to have an aphrodisiac effect.

Buy high-quality sparkling & semi-sparkling wines:

2. red wine

There is even scientific evidence that red wine has a pleasure-enhancing effect. An Italian study has found that women and men who regularly drink red wine have a higher sexual desire than people who consume less red wine. Red wine particularly promotes blood circulation - and thus favors the aforementioned mood. Incidentally, the rule of thumb is: the more tannins, the greater the effect.

Aphrodisierende Getränke: Rotwein

Dry red wines such as Nebbiolo have a particularly aphrodisiac effect:

Other stylish red wines:

Of course, you can also fall back on other drinks. Cocktails are particularly good for a romantic evening. They bring exoticism and variety, work well without alcohol - and can also be enriched with other pleasure-enhancing fruits and spices. These here, for example:

  • Strawberries
  • pomegranate
  • vanilla
  • nutmeg
  • chili
  • Dark chocolate
  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • rosemary

The ever-popular gin, for example, harmonizes perfectly with many of these aphrodisiacs. We have also put together some special gin recipes for you.

How to use aphrodisiac drinks correctly

As always when consuming alcohol, the same applies to aphrodisiac drinks: less is more. As a rule, one or two glasses are enough to get you in the mood. Anything more is more likely to make you tired and maybe even give you a headache the next day.

However, the most important tip we want to give you is: tastes are different. Not everyone likes the dry feeling that sparkling wine and Proseccos leave behind, just as the thought of chocolate doesn't always make everyone happy. Depending on your individual experience, the consumption of alcohol can also make you feel uncomfortable rather than relaxed. It's best to find out together with your date what you both like. This way, even preparing for a romantic evening can be a real experience.

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