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The 20 best drinks for your garden party

by Anastasia Hartleib
Die besten Getränke für deine Gartenparty

Summer is the season for an exuberant garden party with good drinks. Whether on the beach, in the park or in your own garden - people like to party everywhere. But before the summer break can get underway, many hosts face the annual agonizing questions: What to buy? And above all, how much?

We have selected 20 great drinks for you that will make every garden party a hit. We also have some exciting tips on how to buy the right amount of drinks and how you can chill them without a fridge. But let's start at the beginning.

Preparation: Calculating drinks for your garden party

Buying for parties is often like a game of chance. You usually buy far too much and then years later find bottles from that one party where you actually wanted to mix cocktails but everyone wanted wine spritzers. Or - the horror scenario - the garden party is over far too early because the beer didn't even last until midnight. There are a few things to bear in mind to ensure that neither of these things happen to you.

Wer eine Gartenparty plant, sollte ein paar Dinge beachten
Anyone planning a garden party should consider a few things

1. what will the weather be like?

Anyone celebrating outdoors should always keep an eye on the weather radar. And not just because of the rain. Although the gray clouds have already caused one or two garden parties to literally fall through, parties on rainy days can usually be postponed or simply moved indoors. Much more important, however, is the temperature. This is because high temperatures reduce the desire for alcoholic drinks. At 30°C in the shade, people are usually more thirsty for light beers or tart or dry spritzers than for cocktails and sweet or even creamy drinks.

2. what are my guests like?

Calculating the right drinks for a party is an art in itself. Also because the drinking habits of guests vary greatly. So take a close look at your guest list: Who likes wine, who prefers beer, who needs non-alcoholic drinks and who can tolerate a shot or two? Of course, your calculations will also depend on this: if you have a lot of wine drinkers among your guests, you will need little to no beer. If there are a few boozeheads among your friends, you might want to pack an extra bottle of spirits in the basket.

3. less is more

We've all been there: for fear of looking like a bad host, you usually buy a huge range of alcoholic drinks in case someone asks for the whisky aged in a special barrel or the delicious cocktail from last time. However, half of the bottles usually remain untouched because everyone ends up sticking to one drink. It's therefore better to stick to a small selection of drinks that you can then get away with. This also applies to cocktail parties in the garden: it's best to make a small selection of drinks that you want to mix beforehand. This will not only make it easier for you to calculate which spirits you really need, but will also prevent you from getting bogged down between 18 different cocktail recipes.

Still looking for the right cocktails for your party?
Here are some posts with recipes: Pride Month cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktail recipes, cocktail classics.

Once you've taken another look at the weather forecast and decided on a few drinks, it's time to get down to business: How much beer, wine and soft drinks per person should you buy for your garden party now? The bad news is that it's impossible to give exact figures, as drinking habits are simply far too individual. Even drinks calculators can only ever provide guidelines and never exact calculations.

Wir haben die besten Getränke-Empfehlungen für deine Gartenparty gesammelt
We have collected the best drink recommendations for your garden party

The good news: there are rules of thumb that have proven their worth. On average, you can say that two liters of beer, half a liter of wine and half a liter of lemonade and/or soft drinks per person is a reasonable guideline. Bear in mind that even this figure is only a rough guide. If your guests almost exclusively drink beer or you have some friends who drink little to no alcohol, you should adjust your shopping list accordingly.

Drink recommendations for your garden party

Instead of simply buying the standard drinks from the supermarket for your garden party, you can also surprise your guests with special drinks that not everyone has heard of. There is only one rule for outdoor parties: refreshing drinks are a must! So here are our top XX recommendations for super fresh beers, wines & co:

Beer & shandy - also non-alcoholic

For a successful garden party, we recommend light and hoppy beers and non-alcoholic beers that refresh the palate. They don't just have to be pale varieties - red beers or light dark beers can also be perfect for sunny days:

You can find even more beer in our craft beer range.

Wines & spritzers

When it comes to wines, it's also best to go for the lighter-tasting varieties. Even better: wine spritzers! Not only are they lighter than classic wine, they are also really refreshing. Also highly recommended: Alcohol-free sparkling wine alternatives, for example made from fermented tea:

You can find more wineshere.


There is hardly anything more refreshing on a sunny day than an ice-cold lemonade. These fruity or herbal, but above all really refreshing thirst quenchers are guaranteed to please the guests at your summer party:

You can find more refreshing lemonade varieties in our lemonade range.

Tips for cooling drinks without a fridge

Last but not least, we have a few tips for you on how to keep your drinks nice and cool even in summer temperatures without a fridge. After all, very few outdoor parties have a freezer or even a power connection. Fortunately, there are a few life hacks that will save your garden party:

Kühle Getränke auf der Gartenparty gibt es zum Glück auch ohne Kühlschrank
Luckily, you can have cool drinks at a garden party even without a fridge

1. the salt trick

Put water, ice cubes and salt in a 1:1:1 ratio in a container and the drinks stored in it will get and stay nice and cool. This works because salt has a lower freezing point than water and therefore tries to compensate for the "imbalance" of the aggregate states - and draws the energy for this from the warmer bottles.

Advantage: Your drinks are at a comfortable drinking temperature within ten minutes
Disadvantage: You need a hell of a lot of salt.

2. the sock trick

Get a sock, T-shirt or cloth really wet, wrap it around your drink and keep it in a shady place where there is ideally still a gentle breeze. The evaporation of the water will keep your drink cool.

Advantage: You actually have everything with you
Disadvantage: The method takes quite a long time and is only moderately effective - so it's more for emergency situations.

3. box cooler

There are now ice molds or gel pads in a crate surface form that you can freeze in the freezer and then place on your crate. The melting water runs down and cools your drinks.

Advantage: The method is simple and effective
Disadvantage: You can only actually cool crates

Die richtige Menge an Getränken für eine Party im Freien zu finden, ist gar nicht so leicht. Doch es gibt ein paar Richtwerte, an denen man sich orientieren kann
It's not easy to find the right amount of drinks for an outdoor party. But there are a few guidelines you can use as a guide

4. the correctly packed freezer

Of course, you can also simply store the drinks for your party in the freezer. The best way to do this is as follows: Frozen canned drinks to the bottom. Then put ice and iced drinks on top, followed by chilled drinks. Put some ice packs on top. This way, your drinks are guaranteed to stay cold!

Advantage: You are guaranteed to have cold drinks all evening.
Disadvantage: You can only drink them in the order in which you packed them.

Now you're definitely ready for your ultimate garden party! You can find more refreshing summer drinks here: Thirst quenchers for hot nights

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