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What is rum and how is it made?

by Honest & Rare Editorial Team
Was ist Rum und wie wird er hergestellt?

Rum is an alcoholic beverage made primarily from sugar cane molasses. The minimum alcohol content must be 37.5%. The countries of origin for the different types of rum are mainly the Caribbean, South America, Central America, but also Australia, the Philippines, Madagascar and other countries. Rum arrived in Scandinavia and northern Germany as early as the 18th century with the Danish West Indies fleet and quickly became very popular there.

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How rum is made from sugar cane

In most cases, the basis for rum is sugar cane molasses. However, a certain type, rhum agricole, is made from freshly pressed sugar cane juice. However, the proportion of Agricole rum in all varieties is no more than 10%.

In the first step, the molasses, sugar cane juice and water are turned into the so-called mash. This is followed by a fermentation process in which the mash ferments. Up to this point, the alcohol content is around 4-5%. The fermentation liquid is still relatively rich in sugar. It is now distilled. This produces alcohol contents of between 65% and 75%. In a further step, it is diluted with distilled water. The result is white rum. The rum production process is complete at this point.

Die Basis für fast jeden Rum bildet eine Melasse aus Zuckerrohr. Einzige Ausnahme: Rhum Agricole. Der wird aus Zuckerrohrsaft hergestellt.
The basis for almost every rum is molasses made from sugar cane. The only exception is rhum agricole. This is made from sugar cane juice.

Flavor refinements and refinements can be added, for example, through storage in used wooden barrels. The different types of rum can thus acquire a very unique taste. White rum is usually stored in stainless steel barrels for a few months. This enhances the quality of the drink.

Storage in oak barrels reduces the alcohol content, flavors from the barrels are absorbed and the drink takes on a brownish color. As a result, brown rum is generally more aromatic and has a more intense taste.

Inferior quality rums that have not been stored for a long time often have coloring substances such as sugar couleur and caramel added, which only simulate the ageing process. In terms of taste, however, sugar couleur makes virtually no difference.

High-quality rums from our range:

Special rums

Golden rum

  • is stored in oak barrels.
  • By influencing the storage time and the barrel itself, a rum is created that has a flavor between brown and white rum.
    between brown and white rum.

Goldener Rum erhält seine Farbe erst durch die Lagerung im Holzfass.
Golden rum only acquires its color through storage in wooden barrels.

Spiced rums

  • also contain spices and herbs that are added to the molasses during the production process.
  • This can create special flavors.

Premium rums

  • are characterized by decades of storage.
  • Barrels are often selected that previously contained sherry or whisky.
  • This is why these rums have a special variety of aromas.

Martinique rum

  • as a special rhum agricole, is subject to special quality requirements and certifications depending on the ageing period.
  • It is therefore considered by connoisseurs to be of particularly high quality and is also very expensive depending on how long it has been aged.

Rum Martinique gilt als eine Sonderform des Rhum Agricole und wird deswegen als besonders hochwertig angesehen.
Martinique rum is regarded as a special form of rhum agricole and is therefore considered to be of particularly high quality.

Jamaican rum

  • has an intense aroma and is very strong.
  • It is therefore preferably used diluted, for example in a grog, because the pure taste can be almost too intense.

Flensburg rum blend and other blends

  • Here, a minimum percentage of the drink is mixed with neutral alcohol.
  • Rums from Jamaica are often used as the basis, as they have a particularly strong taste by nature. This taste also comes into its own when diluted. This is why blends became very popular with the classic trading houses of the West Indian merchant fleet at an early stage.

Rum liqueurs

  • Liqueurs and rums are mixed together here.
  • This softens the intense aroma of some rums somewhat and leads to interesting new flavor creations with a rather sweet, fruity or coconut-like note, for example.
  • This drink can be enjoyed as a cocktail in particular.

Enjoying rum

Rum drinks should be enjoyed slowly and in small sips, especially neat (although of course this depends entirely on your own preferences).

The full flavor unfolds on the tongue if the liquid remains there for a few moments. The finish develops its own aroma. Pure rum in particular should be allowed to rest in the glass for a few minutes before drinking. This allows all the aromas to develop.

Viele Rum-Fans genießen die edlen Tropfen am liebsten mit einer guten Zigarre.
Many rum fans prefer to enjoy the fine drops with a good cigar.

The glass should be slightly bulbous, but not too large. If the glass tapers slightly towards the top, the aromas of the rum are captured particularly well and do not evaporate so quickly.

Brown rums tend to be enjoyed neat, while white rums are the ideal base for mixed drinks such as cocktails. Dark rums should not be enjoyed with ice cubes, but rather at room temperature (but as I said: always at the temperature you like best!). A balance must be maintained at the right temperature. At very cool temperatures, some aroma components do not fully develop, while at very high temperatures the perception and effect of the alcohol increases.

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