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Schoppe Bräu Hangover Breakfast - Vanilla Stout


The breakfast for heroes

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spicy vanilla, sticky toffee, ripe red fruits
Bitterwert (IBU) 40
Herkunft Berlin, Germany
Alkoholgehalt 12% vol.

More information about Schoppe Bräu Hangover Breakfast

(K)a hangover for breakfast.

There are people who are convinced that nothing helps better against a hangover than a beer. Konterbier is the colloquial name for the tastiest medicine against headaches and stomach aches. The Berlin brewery has found a more elegant name for it: Hangover Breakfast. Behind the quirky expression is an exceedingly delicious vanilla stout that symbolizes the hangover headache in the form of a cat's skull with crossed vanilla beans on the label. We're not one hundred percent sure if this beer can actually cure a hangover. Worst case scenario, you're left with a grumpy head, but you're enjoying an excellent beer while suffering. Good prospects!

Schoppes Hangover Breakfast is an ebony dream with punchy 12.0% alcohol content and mind-blowing aromatics. To transport the essence of vanilla in all its glory into the beer, the brewers underwent a real ordeal: an entire mountain of vanilla beans was neatly scraped out by hand. Whole or not at all, that's the motto!

The hangover breakfast sneaks into the glass on mahogany-colored velvet paws and shimmers ruby red. A stately crown of hazelnut-brown foam of the finest porosity sits enthroned on the jet-black beer and exudes a seductive aroma of luxurious vanilla, dark caramel and candied red fruits. The finish reveals this beauty's voluminous body: buoyed by a mild carbonation, notes of spicy vanilla, fresh-from-the-oven cookies, delightfully sticky toffee and ripe red fruits swarm the palate.

For this beer, one gladly accepts the hangover!

Salad with nuts, pesto, gorgonzola and chilli, roast with goat cheese and roast potatoes, chocolate desserts
0,33 Liter
Vanilla, caramel, candied red fruits
Schoppe brew
Grain and malt varieties:
Barley, Rye
Optimal drinking temperature:
14 °c
Water, barley malt, rye malt, vanilla beans, hops, yeast
Drink type:
Food companies:
Schoppe Bräu GmbH, In den Schifferbergen 14, 13505 Berlin, Germany

Fancy names have become part of the standard ABC of the modern craft beer brewer. And hey, it's legitimate to have your illustrious range represented by a unique name. The small Schoppe brewery from Berlin, however, shows that it's possible to be fancy and still get by without big Anglicisms and extravagant neologisms. Real beer instead of mass-produced goods Behind the simple name lies a true avant-gardist: Thorsten Schoppe caused a sensation in the beer world years ago and virtually helped lift the craft beer movement out of its cradle. At some point, the inspired brewer had had enough of large-scale brewing and turned to his craft roots and the original art of brewing. Kettle instead of computer was the motto that ultimately led to Thorsten starting his own thing. Since then, the humorous motto "hops, malt, and muscle grease" has applied, perfectly describing the small-scale... [Read more]


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