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Drinks for your wedding

by Anastasia Hartleib
Getränke für eure Hochzeit

There are many garden parties and birthday parties in life, but your own wedding is and remains something very special. It is therefore not surprising that attention is paid to every last detail when planning a wedding.
From the location to the table decorations to the catering, nothing is left to chance. However, when it comes to choosing the right drinks for the wedding, many people put on the handbrake and fall back on the cheapest standard drinks.

But the right drinks are the be-all and end-all of any party. Choosing the right drinks and cocktails for your wedding can have a significant impact on the mood of the party. Because if the drinks don't go down well, the party atmosphere will - in most cases - be mediocre. To ensure that your wedding guests also have wonderful memories of your most beautiful day, you should pay at least as much attention to choosing the right wedding drinks as you do to putting together the menu or buffet.

Getränke zum Verschenken - jetzt finden

Wedding drinks calculation

Which and, above all, how many drinks are right for your wedding depends firstly on your taste and secondly, of course, on your guests. Beer drinkers prefer beer, wine fans are known to prefer wine and you should also think about non-alcoholic guests. Of course, it's best to have plenty of the classics in stock.

When it comes to the right amount of drinks for weddings, the following average quantities per person have proven to be useful:

  • 1.5 liters of beer
  • 0.5 l wine
  • 1.5 liters of water & non-alcoholic soft drinks

You should include all your guests in this calculation, including children and non-alcoholic drinkers, as this balances out the quantities per person. If you start the celebration with coffee and cake, you should be adequately equipped with approx. 1.5 cups of coffee and 0.5 cups of tea per person.

Are you also planning a champagne reception directly after the ceremony? If you assume 1.5 glasses of sparkling wine or a non-alcoholic drink for the calculation, you are definitely on the safe side!

Wer eine besondere Hochzeit will, sollte ebenfalls auf hochwertige Getränke zurückgreifen.
If you want a special wedding, you should also opt for high-quality drinks.

Which drinks for the wedding?

Just because you cover the classic drinks requirements with beer, wine & co. doesn't mean you have to fall back on the standards from the drinks shelf! If you want to turn your wedding day into a special day, you should also pay attention to the drinks and opt for handcrafted beverages. This does not mean that it will automatically be more expensive! Beer and wine from local breweries or small wineries can also fit into the budget and suit your taste. In the best case scenario, the local insider tip will be the absolute hit of your dream wedding - and your guests will remember the excellent wine served at your celebration for years to come!

You can also give your guests a special treat with soft drinks, for example by setting up a lemonade bar where your wedding guests can get fresh, homemade lemonades. Not only does it make a great impression, but it can even save you money if you can use herbs and fruit that you have picked yourself.

Selbstgemachte Limonaden sind ein toller Hingucker auf eurem Hochzeitsbuffet.
Homemade lemonades are a great eye-catcher on your wedding buffet.

Cocktails & co. for the wedding

Of course, high-proof drinks should not be missing on the most beautiful day. There are plenty of ideas for a great presentation on your wedding day - from an open whisky bar to mobile bartenders or special drinks stations, there are no limits to your creativity - as long as your budget allows. But here, too, you'll be doing yourself a favor if you stick to the principle of "less is more". Instead of being prepared for all eventualities, it's better to decide on a small but fine cocktail range of 3 to 5 drinks that cover your and your guests' taste preferences - and add an individual touch for the finishing touches to your celebration.

For example, you can choose recipes that pick up on the colors of your wedding decorations, reflect the theme in the name or perhaps are simply your favorite cocktails and therefore perfectly match your wedding.

Looking for cocktail ideas?
Here you'll find recipes for classic cocktails, colorful recipe inspiration, non-alcoholic cocktails and recipes for gin cocktails.

Statt auf eine große Bandbreite solltet ihr bei eurer Hochzeit auf eine kleine aber feine Cocktail-Auswahl setzen.
Instead of a wide range, you should opt for a small but fine selection of cocktails for your wedding.

The "less is more" principle also applies to spirits and liqueurs. Instead of wanting to have every favorite schnapps of your wider circle of relatives and friends in stock, you should stick to a small selection to serve at your wedding. A good fruit schnapps, a herbal schnapps, one or two types of liqueur and, if you want to offer your guests something special, a small selection of rum or whisky.

Why should you choose handcrafted spirits for your wedding? Well, firstly, the ingredients of the spirits from small manufacturers are generally of a much higher quality - which is also reflected in the taste of the spirits. Secondly, quality and fine distilleries pay attention to the composition of their spirits so that there are no fuselage substances in their spirits - the alcohols that subsequently cause headaches.

Spirits from artisan production:

Non-alcoholic drinks for weddings

In addition to the aforementioned lemonade bar, you can of course surprise your wedding guests with other non-alcoholic drinks: In addition to non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wine and non-alcoholic sparkling wine, there are now also non-alcoholic spirits that are perfect for non-alcoholic cocktails and long drinks.

The most popular non-alcoholic cocktails

Viele eurer Hochzeitsgäste freuen sich ebenfalls über hochwertige alkoholfreie Drinks!
Many of your wedding guests will also be happy about high-quality non-alcoholic drinks!

Drink ideas for the champagne reception

At many wedding celebrations, the champagne reception after the ceremony is simply a must. But it doesn't always have to be the classic champagne and orange juice. The quickly prepared and wonderfully fruity Bellini, for example, makes a great impression and refreshes your guests on a hot summer's day. If you go straight to the food after the ceremony, you can also serve your wedding guests something harder: A frozen margarita, for example. But be careful: there shouldn't be too much time between the reception and dinner, otherwise the high-proof alcohol will do the rest.

Statt klassischem Sekt könnt ihr zum Empfang nach der Hochzeit auch einen Bellini servieren.
Instead of classic sparkling wine, you can also serve a Bellini at the reception after the wedding.

A great alternative to orange juice at the champagne reception for the little ones: milkshakes! These are now also available in delicious vegan alternatives and are guaranteed to make every little guest's eyes light up. For the big non-alcoholic connoisseurs, you can also prepare the Bellini with non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Your homemade lemonades from the lemonade bar are also great here. Garnished with a few fresh ingredients, they really look great in a glass - and your guests will be delighted when they rediscover the delicious drink later at the party!

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