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Gourmet gifts: rum, liqueur & schnapps for Christmas

by Anastasia Hartleib
Genuss-Geschenke: Rum, Likör, Schnaps verschenken

Special rum gifts for lovers at Christmas

Sugar cane schnapps for everyone! Rum is a real connoisseur's drink and therefore always a popular gift. If you're looking for a suitable rum gift, you should take a closer look at the following drops.

1. the Wild Alps Maund Rum - THE gift for rum fans

Suitable for: Connoisseurs
Great for: special occasions, birthdays, Christmas

Wild Alps Maund Rum 12 Years verschenken

A unique rum that achieves its inimitable character through blending and finishing. The rum is aged for 12 years in Caribbean oak barrels in various Jamaican distilleries - and is rounded off superbly in the Swiss manufactory The Wild Alps. A rum that surprises even aficionados!

Taste: Dried fruit, vanilla, caramel, very spicy, long finish

Price: 52,00 €

Wild Alps Rum as a gift? Order directly here

Getränke zum Verschenken - jetzt schnell und einfach finden

2nd Ron Libertad - White rum as a gift for cocktail fans

Suitable for: Beginners, adventurous people, connoisseurs
Great for: Birthdays, Christmas

Mexikanischer Rum als Geschenk

Anyone who likes to drink rum in a cocktail or long drink will know the problem: the expensive bottles are actually "too good" for mixing, but you don't want to fall back on the mainstream variants from the supermarket shelf. That's why Ron Libertad White Rum is the ideal gift for amateur mixologists! A high-quality Mexican rum with an exotic, fruity aroma that is ideal for cocktails.

Taste: grassy-herbal, exotic-fruity

Price: 39,90 €

Buy white rum from Mexico directly

3rd Ron Elba Original Dry Golden Rum - Perfect gift for Hamburg fans

Suitable for: Connoisseurs, adventure seekers
Great for: Birthdays, Christmas

Ron Elba Golden Dry Rum verschenken

The Ron Elba rums are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to rediscover rum. The rum is "Dry" because it does not require any additional sweetening and "Golden" because it is stored in the best oak barrels - directly in Hamburg. A great gift for anyone who has fallen in love with the city on the Elbe!

Taste: Vanilla crescent, salted caramel, honey-roasted almond

Price: 32,90 €

Click here for the German rum

4th Lyre's Spiced Cane Spirit - Alcohol-free rum as a gift

Suitable for: Adventurous people, beginners
Great for: Birthdays, Christmas


The Spiced Cane Spirit is perhaps not a real substitute for rum - at least when it comes to pure enjoyment, the alcohol-free rum alternative cannot (yet) keep up. However, the drink is ideal for virgin cocktails. A great gift for non-alcoholic partygoers!

Flavor: caramel, molasses, roasted nuts, spicy vanilla

Price: 25,95 €

Want to give the gift of non-alcoholic fun? You can buy the Spiced Cane Spirit here

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Special liqueurs & spirits to give as gifts

It doesn't always have to be rum, gin or whisky - sometimes it's a good liqueur or an unusual spirit creation that makes the perfect gift. Like this one, for example:

1st Nordcraft Botanical Spirit - perfect gift for herbal fans

Suitable for: Beginners, adventure seekers, connoisseurs
Great for: Birthdays, Christmas, special occasions

Nordcraft Dry Botanical Spirit verschenken

The Dry Botanical Spirit from Nordcraft is a clear herbal distillate that brings a new generation of herbs to life with dill, cucumber and 20 other hand-picked botanicals. Complex in taste and beautiful to look at!

Taste: fresh, complex, delicately spicy

Price: 39,95 €

Giving herbal schnapps from Nordcraft as a gift? Order directly

2nd Freytag tasting set - liqueurs & spirits in a gift package

Suitable for: Connoisseurs, the adventurous, beginners

Great for: Birthdays, Christmas

Freytag Spirituosen Set verschenken

A great set that will make amateur mixologists and stylish connoisseurs equally happy! The spirits and liqueurs from the Berlin manufactory impress with their balanced taste and also look great.

Included in the set: Concrete Jungle Gin, 3 Korn Brandy, Zimtzitze Liqueur, 13 Drunken Botanicals Infused Korn, Hibiscus Blossom Elixir Liqueur, i.e. 5 bottles of 100 ml each

Taste: All nice and smooth. Otherwise, everything is included, from fruity-tart liqueur, to flowery grain, to gin with a strong juniper note

Price: 44,00 €

Stylish enjoyment in a gift set of 3? Order directly now

3rd Wild Alps Pear Vodka - a special gift for any occasion

Suitable for: Beginners, adventurous people, connoisseurs
Great for: Birthdays, Christmas, special occasions

Wild Alps Schnapz Birnen Vodka verschenken

Wild Alps Manufaktur not only makes good rum, but also good vodka! Their pear vodka shines with a balanced taste and a subtle fruity note that is unique in the vodka segment. A truly special gift that cuts a fine figure for any occasion. After all, who has a pear vodka in their cupboard?

Taste: clear, pronounced, very light, smooth

Price: 25,00 €

You can buy Pear Vodka from Switzerland here: Order now

4th Nutsler tasting package - The gift with the nut factor

Suitable for: Connoisseurs. Adventurous, beginners
Great for: Birthdays, Christmas

Nutsler Nussschnäpse als Geschenk

Hazelnut liqueur is so yesterday's news! If you want to give fans of the nutty taste a treat, get this tasting set from Nutsler Spirituosen Manufaktur. Noble nut schnapps made from hazelnut, pistachio, cashew or for those who like it exotic: coconut! Ideal for drinking straight or for refining dishes.

Included in the set: Hazelnut, pistachio, cashew and coconut schnapps, i.e. 4 bottles of 4 cl each.

Taste: depending on the nut on the bottle. Really!

Price: 22,00 €

Make nut fans happy now! Nutsler tasting package as a gift

5th "Sweet delights" set from DSM - schnapps gift for connoisseurs

Suitable for: Connoisseurs
Great for: special occasions

DSM Süße Freuden Probierset als Geschenk

The Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur from Berlin plays at the top of the schnapps production league. Their brandies and spirits surprise with unusual ingredients such as beet or chocolate mint. A tasting set of these high-quality spirits is therefore the perfect gift for anyone who likes to enjoy a really good glass of clear spirit.

Included in the set: German chocolate mint, Sicilian mandarin, Ethiopian Sidamo mocha, 3 spirits of 5 cl each.

Taste: mild, sometimes citrusy, minty or delicately tart and spicy, depending on the spirit

Price: 49,50 €

Need a schnapps gift for connoisseurs? Buy here

Even more special liqueurs & spirits to give as gifts:

Haven't found the right one in our recommendations yet? Then take a look at our range of spirits now, buy a gift voucher for our store or take a look at our other gift recommendations:

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