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Unusual drinks: with and without alcohol

by Anastasia Hartleib
Ausgefallene Getränke: Mit und ohne Alkohol

Whether it's your favorite uncle's birthday, your best friend's baby shower, a promotion, a new apartment, an evening without children in the house or the first barbecue of the year - special moments call for special and unusual drinks.

How good that you have us! We'll show you the crème de la crème of the most unusual drinks, which are unrivaled even among the beverage gems you'll find in our store. Let's start with a few twists.

Unusual drinks with alcohol

Beer brewed with vegetables, gilded gin or salted caramel liqueurs - these unusual drink creations will amaze you.


Ausgefallene Getränke - Bierauswahl

It is almost impossible to show you all the beers here that are characterized by their unusual character. Our brewers are far too creative for that. They know their craft so well that they can turn even the most unusual ingredients into really good beers in a wide variety of styles. For example, the forest beers from the Kiesbye Brewery, which are brewed with wooden pears or oak wood, or the Danish Christmas beer Julebryg from the Überquell Brewery in Hamburg. Other special styles:

Fruit & sour beers

From the Schneeeule brewery, for example. Master brewer Ulrike Genz refines her Berliner Weisse-style beers with sea buckthorn, elderflower and various plants that grow around the brewery in Tegel.

Cucumber & vegetable beers:

Yes, that's right, really good beer can also be brewed from vegetables. Incidentally, the Hertl brewery is a pioneer in the processing of greens. It seems that things can't get fancy enough there, which is why the following names appear in the range alongside Gin Bock, a wine/beer hybrid and beers matured in spirits barrels:


Ausgefallene Getränke - Gin-Auswahl

Our gin distillers also shine with unusual beverage creations. In addition to some fruit gin variations with berries, pomegranate or even banana, barrel-aged gins full of character and a hop gin - how could it be otherwise - from the Hertl brewery, these unusual calibers inspire us:

Brandies - Spirits

In the spirits range, three manufacturers in particular stand out with their unusual brandies.

Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur

Deutsche Spirituosen Manufaktur in Berlin is best known for its high-quality, unusual schnapps - and has even won awards. Their brandies and spirits are not only characterized by ingredients of the highest quality, but also by their unusual character. DSM produces these specialties, among others:

Marder brandies

In the Black Forest, at the Marder distillery, they also appreciate exceptional spirits. The distillers there throw ingredients into the kettle that would otherwise end up on a plate rather than in a glass:

Nutsler spirits

Compared to beet or asparagus spirit, the creations from Nutsler Manufaktur seem almost harmless. But the distillery, which is also based in the Black Forest, still knows how to score points with original nut spirits:

Geschenkideen in flüssiger Form finden - mit dem Honest & Rare Geschenkefinder


The liqueurs have a few turns less than the brandies and spirits. However, this does not mean that they are any less unusual. You can find these liqueur gems in our store:

We would also like to show you three unusual drinks that will enrich any home bar.

Ausgefallene Getränke Zarska Salted Caramel LikörSuperhero Spirits "Freaky Fudge" - caramel salt liqueur

Sweet caramel meets surprising salt. You will love it! Together with his colleagues, Freaky Fudge is fighting against the dusty image of the liqueur world. Be there, get on the right side and experience something surprising!

Ausgefallene Getränke - Das Übliche Melonenschnaps

The usual - melon schnapps

This melon liqueur from Heidelberg is not like other melon liqueurs: no vodka base and, above all, no unnecessary sweetness. The result is indescribable - and it's best to try it for yourself.

Ausgefallene Getränke - Freytags Hibiskusblüten-Likör

Freytag - Hibiscus Blossom Elixir

Pure flower power is the flower elixir made from hibiscus and orange blossom from the small manufactory at Berlin's Ostkreuz. Everyone can be sweet, Freytag's flower elixir is tart, fruity, strong and simply special with rough edges.

Fancy drinks without alcohol

Even if you don't drink alcohol or are looking for non-alcoholic fancy drinks that you can also drink at office hours, you won't be left high and dry with us. Fancy birch water, coconut soda, hemp or hop tonic? We also have coffee on offer:

Flavored coffees

The flavored coffee varieties from the Hamburg roastery Classic Caffee have it all. Among other things, you can choose from

Non-alcoholic beers

Non-alcoholic beers are now part of every well-stocked brewery range. As the variety of classic beers continues to grow, more and more brewers are daring to produce unusual, creative non-alcoholic beers. Just like Brauhaus Nittenau:

Ausgefallene Getränke Nittenauer Lola Coffee Porter alkoholfrei

Lola Coffee Porter non-alcoholic

Brewed in the British porter style, this mixed beer drink from Brauhaus Nittenau is the ideal symbiosis of coffee and beer. Chocolate, roasted coffee, beer - an exciting mixture that will turn your head even without alcohol.

Ausgefallene Getränke: Nittenauer WIT alkoholfreies Bier

WIT non-alcoholic

This Belgian pearl is traditionally brewed with orange peel and crushed coriander seeds. The only thing they don't need in Nittenau to produce a good beer is alcohol. The wheat beer impresses with its fruity character and unmistakable coriander flavor. Be sure to try it!

Other non-alcoholic drinks:

Cups for a clear conscience - social drinks


In addition to the unusual drinks creations, there is another category that we don't want to withhold from you: the exceptionally good drinks that put part of their profits into making the world a better place.

Edelobstbrennerei Schleihauf - Böser Kater Gins & the Karlsruhe Cat Protection Association

The Blackberry Gin from the Böser Kater range of the Kraichgau family distillery is a specialty in itself. The fact that the family supports the cat protection association in Karlsruhe with every bottle of their gin sold is all the better.

ALL IN GIN - against bee mortality

ALL IN Manufaktur is also a family distillery - and has launched its very own project. The Black Forest company invests 25% of its profits in a non-profit limited company that buys and maintains bee colonies - including its own beekeepers.

BRLO - Social Berlin

Craft beer at its best. The Berlin brewery BRLO, which has made a name for itself with fantastic beer creations and collaborations, uses the publicity it has gained to support social projects in and around Berlin, including Berliner Kälte-Hilfe and the Lara Initiative.

By the way, you can find more unusual drinks for which there was no room in this list here: Unusual drinks

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